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When remodeling or renovating your kitchen or bathroom an important consideration is the lighting. In a bathroom you want the light to be bright enough to do what you need to, while still providing a softer, flattering glow. In a kitchen you will also need enough light to adequately prepare the food or other tasks. What are some of the elements that you can consider when choosing lighting for your kitchen and bathrooms?

How Bright Does Your Kitchen or Bathroom Need to Be?

Think about how much light you are going to need for the area of the room. Some rooms will not need as many or as bright lights as others. If you have skylights in the room or other features that increase the lightness of a room then you may also be able to use less lighting.

Consider the Height of the Lights in Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lighting should not be too high or too low. When shaving or applying make-up in the bathroom you do not want to stare straight into the light, but neither do you want the lights so high that they do not function efficiently. Speak to a professional electrician or contractor about where the best place is to put lights in your kitchens and bathrooms.

Match Lights to your Faucets - Another important element to consider when renovating or remodeling your kitchens and bathrooms is to match the lights in the room to the faucets. Carefully select your lights and faucets and take pictures of each when choosing the other so that you can match them more precisely. This will help to add a sense of continuity and flow to your kitchen or bathroom.

Considering Sustainable Living Principles When Remodeling Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable living practices are becoming increasingly important in the design and renovation of any home as people are becoming more aware of the consequences of their actions on the environment. You can also take this into account when choosing lighting for your kitchen and bathrooms. Try to use energy-efficient lighting systems such as fluorescent lighting to save energy. Another way you can help to save the environment with good lighting practices in your kitchens and bathrooms is to try to make as much use of natural light as possible - plenty of windows that are well-positioned to let in enough light, skylights, and bay windows. There are also a number of other artificial light solutions that are more environmentally-friendly than the traditional incandescent lighting, ask your contractor about some of these.

Choose Lights that Match the Style of the Room and the House

When choosing light fittings for your kitchen and bathrooms you should also consider the style of the kitchen or bathroom, and the house in general. There are a wide variety of light fittings available and some will suit the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom while others will not.

Lighting is an important part of any room, and as such needs to be carefully considered when renovating. This involves both the types of light you use (incandescent/fluorescent, style, power) as well as their placement and the placement of natural lighting elements such as windows, skylights and bay windows. By carefully selecting your lights you will not only be able to create a great looking kitchen or bathroom, but will also be able to do your bit to save the environment.

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