Options for Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets

A kitchen renovation has the greatest impact on how you feel about your home. Give the heart and hub of your home a brighter look, change the color scheme or simply clean up a worn appearance by updating your kitchen cabinets. Best of all, this project doesn't necessarily require a major renovation.

If your cabinetry is solid and you can work with the layout and space available then there is good news. All you need for an update is to freshen up the cabinet doors. Relatively inexpensive and fairly straightforward, this DIY kitchen reno can go a few different ways based on your current layout, skill level and budget.

Replace the Doors

Leave the structure of the cabinet and simply replace the doors for a whole new look. You can replace melamine or particle board with solid wood or change from a painted cabinet to a more natural, stained look.

To match up the exposed cabinet walls with the new doors find self-adhesive veneer in the same grain and color as the replacement doors. Wash and dry the existing sides well and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to attach the veneer.

Repaint the Doors

If the existing doors are of good quality you can simply repaint them. This will only work well on surfaces that take paint, like wood, and doesn't usually include vinyl coated cabinetry.

Be sure to clean and sand down the doors, allowing the paint to adhere well to the surface. Remove the doors beforehand and set up a large area to work in with minimal dust and disruption.

Choose a neutral paint color that goes well with the room and be sure to buy a brand with decent moisture resistance. Oil based paints are usually recommended and a sprayed on finish gives the most even coverage.

Refinish the Doors

For wood kitchen cabinets a refinishing job can be the ideal update. Change the stain to something darker for more drama or lighter to let the natural grain show.

Start by removing the doors and stripping the stain. Clean all the dust off of the surface before applying new stain and make sure the coverage is even and light. It's better to apply more coats of stain than to end up with patchy, sticky blotches. Lightly sand down between coats and allow for adequate dry time.

Refacing the Doors

Cover the existing door with a new laminate for a cleaner, brighter look. This method only works with flat profiles as the laminate doesn't generally stick to raised moldings. Make sure to invest in a high quality laminate product and follow the installation instructions closely. A covering that bubbles, creases or doesn't adhere well can ruin the entire look of your kitchen.

Special Touches For a Finished Look

Another way to easily update your kitchen cabinets is by changing the hardware. New handles in sleek or elaborate styles dress up the room. Decorative hinges are another option that can update and alter your kitchen dècor for just a little work and investment.

Don't forget that what you do to the doors must be done to the drawer fronts as well. These may be harder to disassemble, but for a seamless, professional appearance the drawers must match the kitchen cabinet doors.

With the method that suits your kitchen and style this simple update will give your house a facelift. Create a fresh new look in the kitchen with an easy renovation project and you'll feel better about your home.

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