Ten Cabinet Design Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen cabinets

Cabinets take center stage in a kitchen renovation. The color and style often set the tone of your room, and this important component makes up a good portion of the renovation budget. Check out these design tips to make cabinet selection smoother and achieve the look you want in your new kitchen.

1 - Think About the Future

The temptation to choose an affordable style of kitchen cabinets, as opposed to investing in better quality, is strong for many renovators. But remember that well made cabinets last for generations and can be refinished during a redecoration project. Solid wood cabinets are available in a wide range of species and finishes, with nearly any accessory you can imagine.

Lower quality cabinets made from pressboard will warp and deteriorate after ten to fifteen years, often sooner in areas around the sink and dishwasher. You may save money on your kitchen renovation, but the cost of replacing those low-end cabinets will hit before you realize. If you don't plan to stay in your current home, consider how high quality cabinets increase resale value.

2 - Your Habits Determine the Optimum Function

The best kitchen cabinet design takes your cooking habits into account. Do you enjoy cooking for a crowd? Does the slow cooker or stand mixer get used on a regular basis? Think about the dishes and kitchen appliances that you can't live without, and ensure that your kitchen cabinet design incorporates those items seamlessly.

Look at the various styles of cabinets and consider the items you keep in your kitchen. Deep drawers work well for stockpots, pull out shelving makes spice storage a breeze and pot lids stay neat and tidy with mounted brackets. Consider your personal styles and habits and then design your kitchen accordingly—this ensures a fair return on your renovation investment.

3 - Pay Attention to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

There is a huge assortment of kitchen cabinet hardware available at your building materials retailer. Many more can be purchased online. This vast selection may seem overwhelming, but the right cabinet hardware can make or break the appearance of your kitchen. Take the time to browse until you have found the right style.

From brushed nickel to hard plastic and everything in between, hardware comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Opt for something that fits into your decorating scheme and complements the cabinet finish. Remember that hardware can date your kitchen, so steer clear of trends and stick with classic styles that will work for years to come. That being said, it is fairly easy and affordable to change out cabinet hardware in the future.

4 - Simple Additions Make a Major Difference

Sometimes the smallest additions have the greatest impact. A tiered bracket to hold lids, a compartmentalized drawer for those tiny items or a rotating shelf to make each item accessible could help turn your old kitchen into a comfortable, functional space.

When designing the cabinets for your kitchen renovation, consider small changes that will improve space, efficiency and function. Look at other kitchens and browse the web for helpful ideas, then incorporate those ideas into your new kitchen. Simple makes sense in this important room.

5 - Use the Doors

Although interior cabinet space gets the most stage time, it's important to consider the cabinet doors as well. This is the ideal area for brackets to hold everything from cookie sheets to foil wrap and thin bottles. Be sure the doors are made from a stable material (preferably solid wood) and use stainless steel fasteners to ensure durability.

6 - Remember the Garbage

Every kitchen needs a collection area for garbage and recycling. Make sure that your kitchen renovation includes a well-designed space for the garbage can. Consider installing a bracket to hold your wastebasket in place and be sure to opt for durable, low maintenance cabinets in that area.

Line the cabinet base with wipeable sheets for easy clean ups and think about a removable basket for cleaning materials, kitchen garbage bags or other essentials.

7 - Understand the Scale of Your Room

Kitchen cabinets should fill the space, without overwhelming the area. High ceilings generally lend themselves to high cabinets, but shorter banks will work with the right type of moldings and trim. Think about the cabinet size and room scale to determine whether you've struck a balance.

Remember that the top shelves in high cabinets are difficult to access. It might be handy to keep a step stool or small ladder handy, allowing shorter folks to reach the top shelves safely.

8 - Consider Open Shelving

Not all of your cabinets need to be neatly closed off with a door. Open shelving creates a casual look and works very well for display purposes. Install an open shelf over the range hood to organize your cookbook collection or stand up the fancy dishes in a bank of open cabinets to capture a contemporary feel.

9 - Display Your Beautiful Pieces

Whether you opt for open shelves or glass cabinet doors, a display area provides a touch of class in any kitchen design. Just like the traditional china cabinet, this type of display cabinetry provides the ideal space for special pieces, collections and kitchen art.

Some homeowners use a display area to bring life into a functional kitchen. Use this area to highlight anything important to you—from photos and artwork to antique place settings, unique mugs or travel memorabilia. Location is entirely up to you, although many homeowners opt to tuck display areas into a corner or along the side of conventional cabinet banks.

10 - Sideboards Make Entertaining a Breeze

Sideboards have long been fixtures in traditional dining rooms, but modern life lends itself to a more open concept design. Some kitchens now include a built in sideboard, often acting as a visual barrier between the kitchen and dining area.

Think of it as a floor-mounted bank of cabinets with a finished top and use it to store dishes and serve meals. Both functional and beautiful, this type of cabinet design is gaining popularity every season.

The cabinet design process takes time and effort. Thinking about your personal habits, scale of the room, finish options, accessories, hardware and built-ins may seem like an overwhelming task. But your kitchen renovation hinges on the ideal cabinets, and the time you spend in the selection process will be well rewarded with a beautiful, functional kitchen space.

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