Creating a Safe Outdoor Entertaining Space


If you can't afford a home with a large entertaining space, one of your options is to transform your exterior to create an outdoor area that can be used for parties, barbeques, and more. However, many backyards aren't originally designed with entertaining in mind, at least not from a safety standpoint. Whether you plan to host playdates for your children, garden parties with the ladies from your book club, fancy cocktail parties with your coworkers, or anything in between, there are easy ways in which you can make the space safer and more conducive to entertaining.

Tip #1: Add lighting to the entire area.

By far, one of the best upgrades you can make to any outdoor area is to add lighting. There are multiple choices, and the best outdoors spaces usually make use of a number of different kinds of fixtures. For areas like paths, which aren't part of the common area, motion-sensitive lights work well and they'll add an additional layer of security to your home even when you're not entertaining.

As far as the rest of the space goes, you should choose lighting two serve at least two purposes: adding light to the overall area (like a ceiling light would do in a living room) and adding light around specific areas for tasks (like a lamp would do in a living room). You can also add artistic lighting to showcase parts of your garden like waterfalls or flowerbeds.

Tip #2: Make your steps slip-resistant.

Many accidents that happen around the home occur on stairs, and this is true both inside and outside. It doesn't take much time or money to make the steps in outdoor entertaining space safe. Start by lighting the area, and do regular inspections to ensure that railings are secure and there are no loose boards. On top of that, you should consider taking measures to make your steps slip-resistant.

This actually isn't difficult and can be done in a number of different ways, depending on your budget and the number of stairs in question. If the wood is worn smooth from years of use, simply refinishing with a fresh coat of paint can help create a less slippery surface. You can also consider outdoor carpeting or use a surface coating specifically made to prevent slips and falls.

Tip #3: Control the bugs.

A few bugs in your outdoor space are to be expected, but if you have swarms of insects, not only can this make the experience unpleasant for users, but it can also be dangerous. Bugs like ticks and mosquitoes and can carry many diseases, making your guests very sick.

So how can you control bugs? Before you research for a chemical insect repellent, instead consider a more natural approach. Make sure that the grass in your yard is cut short, which will help discourage many types of bugs and the small animals carrying them. Spiders, although somewhat creepy, are a good thing, as are bats and birds, which eat insects. When entertaining, you can also light candles and torches specifically made with natural ingredients meant to keep insects at bay. All of these options are better than pesticides.

Tip #4: Choose great doors and windows for your home.

Sometimes the safety concerns aren't just with the outdoor space itself, but in the transition from indoor to outdoor. Great doors and windows can really help this problem. First, if you have children, make sure that you can see your outdoor space from convenient places in your home. You might not have time to be outside and watching every time they have friends over to play (and your children won't like this, especially as they get older), but some well-played windows allow you to keep a watchful eye while working inside. In addition, you should make sure that your doors don't pose tripping hazards, not just for children, but also for adults.

Along with doors leading into your home, think about the other doors-or rather, barriers that are important outside of your home. Make sure that pools have fences with gates and that the entire yard is fenced in if you have children.

Tip #5: Maintain the surfaces.

By far, the best thing you can do to keep your outdoor living space safe is simply maintain all of the surfaces. If you own a desk or patio, make sure there are no raised nails, loose boards, or broken railings. Around pools, make sure that the concrete is in good condition, and if your yard has pathways of brick, stone, or other materials, make sure that they are firmly in place and not tripping hazards. Simple maintenance doesn't take more than a few hours a month or before a party, and if you keep up with it, you'll save lots of money in the long run, since you'll be fixing little problems before they have time to become major problems.

Posted by: Aunindita
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