Curb Appeal: 10 Ways to Update

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Don't let passerby "passerby" your home without a double take!

Spend some time driving through a neighborhood and take a look at the houses. What is the very first thing you notice? You probably wonder if you would like to live there immediately deciding if it is aesthetically pleasing to your eye. It is not the size or location of the house as much as the color, style, and uniqueness of the home which justifies your decision. Whether selling, buying, or owning, paying attention to curb appeal can mean the difference between a passerby admiring your house or not noticing it at all. The outside of your home can be more than just a welcome mat. To do this, there are many simple tricks to keep in mind to enhance the look of your property from the outside. 

#1 Color Accents

Adding accents of the same color on doors, door frames, trim, and shutters really ties those elements together and make everything look like it's a package. To continue on this trend try using the same color or a color that goes well with it on your mailbox or garage!

#2 Mailboxes and Address Numbers

Spice up your mailbox and/or address number to make your house unique. Use wood instead of plastic on your mailbox or try using something unconventional in place of your mailbox like a birdhouse or even a small beer keg! If you don't already have an address number, add one! If you happen to have a number already, use different colors of paint to really make the numbers pop.

#3 Symmetry and Style

Try to keep everything symmetrical. If you have a potted plant on one side of the doorway, put another one opposite of it on the other. Symmetrical design helps a home to seem put together and finished. Also try bringing your personal style from the inside to the outside. To create more cohesive home, it is best to have the outside of your home reflect the inside of your home.

#4 Style

Adhering to a style throughout all aspects of your yard can really bring the elements you want to highlight together. Try combining the color of paint with a style. For example if you are going for a "woodsy" feel try browns and forest greens. If you are going for more of a "Tudor-style" think about using tans, whites, and symmetrical lines to create that look.

#5 Start Gardening

Planting flowers or other kinds of plants can bring wonders to your yard. Whether you plant a lot of the same kind of flower or many different kinds if you like a variety of color. In fact having a garden already started on your property can up your chances of getting a higher bid on your home if you are selling. Don't forget to get rid of those nasty weeds!

#6 Create a Walkway

Use stones or tiles to create an easier and fancier looking walk to your front door. Feel free to go further and frame your driveway with a border of stones or tiles that lead to a walkway. If you are pouring cement for your driveway or walkway, make a mark! Stencils and cut outs can create tiles or other more creative symbols in simple cement!

#7 Get Artsy!

Do you have an old bike that you never use or an old table and chair in your garage? Set old items that are meant for purposes in your yard and turn them into your very own yard art!

#8 Decorate For Holidays

Some of the most celebrated houses on the block are the ones that CELEBRATE the holidays! Go that extra mile on Halloween or whichever holiday you celebrate in the winter months and you will have people coming from miles away to see your home.

#9 Outdoor Lighting

Lighting the outside of your home not only makes it possible for your property to be seen from the road at night, it can also add another layer of color and style. Think about adding lighting that is attached to house to enhance the siding or brick colors. Or look at ground lights and line your driveway or walkway.

#10 Cleaning

Take a look at your gutters. Do they have leaves or dirt? Does your siding seem less vivid nowadays? Cleaning out those gutters and power washing your siding and/or roof shines up your house and makes it more pleasing to the eye. If things have gotten away from you, replacing parts of your outside home with the newest products out there can be a good investment.

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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