With Summer just around the corner, it is time to begin making plans for that DIY landscape project you've been thinking about.

Such efforts can not only turn a mundane-looking yard into an impressive landscaping design. But increase the property market value of the home, and beautify the neighborhood, as well.

A Practical Approach to Landscape Design

Professional landscaping services can work magic for nearly anyone's yard. Combined with expert know-how and tricks-of-the-trade, even the most unattractive yard can be turned into an Eden of lush green.

Even so, motivated homeowners with modest do it yourself landscaping skills can effectively improve their yards; enhancing its positive points, while downplaying negatives.

Take a garden landscape design and the use of color, for instance. Planting flowers using the same color scheme in differing hues will add a touch of sophistication to the yard; harmonious and quiet. Vivid color matching flora in a flower bed, on the other hand, will add excitement, and draw attention away from less attractive elements in the yard.

To be practical, have a well formulated landscaping design plan before digging into the ground or purchasing plants. Know what it is you want to achieve. You will not only want to improve your yard's appearance but its functionality, as well.

To help ensure home landscape design success, follow these tips:

  • Decide what your unique needs and priorities are. Do you want to add a theme garden; botanical garden, Japanese garden, or an herb garden design?  Accentuate the front yard only, or incorporate a vegetable garden into your backyard landscaping design?  Add a patio for relaxation and entertainment purposes; level-off the ground, or plant turf - over the whole yard, or only where grass is sparse?
  • Take a critical look at your property and its curb appeal. Are there drainage or erosion problems to correct?  Do you need more shade, or more sun? Or does plant growth require thinning because it is too dense?
  • What elements already exist in the yard, such as trees and other plants, gardens, etc?  What will be removed, what will be kept; what needs to be added?
  • What about the size of your home?  A small house will be overpowered by large trees and too many bushes; a large house will appear bare without them.
  • Consider the style of your house. You will want your landscaping idea to compliment your style home. An adobe style house, for instance would look great with a desert plant theme landscape. Not so with a colonial style home.
  • What about your climate?  Some plant varieties will thrive in certain zones, while others will not. One reason why native garden plant varieties and the use of Canadian natural resource elements whenever possible is such a good idea.
  • How much sunlight does your yard get?  Some plant varieties thrive best in full sun; some in full or partial shade. Variegated plant choices, for instance, will do best in shady areas of the yard.
  • What features in your yard do you want to highlight or use as focal points. For instance, rock formations, a stream, or a stand of trees. And what areas do you want downplayed or hidden? Including telephone poles, trash receptacles, rocky soil, or an unsightly view of adjoining property.

Also consider your DIY landscape budget. How much are you willing to invest in landscaping improvement efforts?  Will you complete your landscaping redesign all at once, or spread it out over several seasons? 

And finally, what about property maintenance?  How much time can you feasibly put into maintaining your yard, to keep it looking great? Or, will you want to invest in the services of a groundskeeper?

Do it Yourself Landscape Design; Other Considerations

Only after you've taken into account all of the above are you ready to begin making formal plans. Before you start, however, consider incorporating one or more of the following into you landscaping design:

  • If you like to spend time outside by yourself, as a family, or while entertaining friends - consider a patio landscape design. If not, what about adding a deck or recreation area into your backyard landscape plan?  In the very least, you'll want to include shade for outside activities; using trees, an awning, gazebo, or another source.
  • Take a look around your neighborhood. What aspects of landscape design could you incorporate into your own?
  • If your yard is open, you might want to incorporate some type of protective barrier into your plans. A fence, hedge, or clump of bushy shrubs offers protection from high winds, and helps block noise made by traffic and neighbors, while increasing privacy.
  • When it comes to landscaping focal points consider using bird baths, screens, benches, sculptures or other landscape art, garden bridges, and fountains. Or what about a theme garden, such as a wildlife or butterfly garden?
  • Consider landscape lighting when making plans; not only for the dramatic effect and aesthetic appeal, but also for increased home security.

Note: to correct problem areas in the landscape, acquiring the services of a professional landscaping contractor or landscaping architect might be best.

For the Ultimate Landscape Design, Hire a Professional

If formulating landscaping plans or doing the work yourself seems overwhelming, hiring a professional landscaper might be the perfect solution.

Whether you have a landscape project or require a groundskeeper to maintain your yard, is your best bet at finding the right contractor at the right price.

Simply sign up without cost or obligation, post your project online with our user-friendly tools, and then sit back and let area professionals come to you. Local member service providers will compete for the job, providing competitive bids within days - even hours from project posting.

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Connect with only the service provider of choice or none at all. Remember, there is no obligation to hire anyone, and membership is free. What could be easier or more convenient?

Whether you need a professional to help with only some aspects of your DIY landscape project or someone to complete all the work for you, can help.

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