Landscaping Ideas; Make Your Country Cottage More Quaint


If the front of your country cottage lacks design and character there are ways to make it more appealing and interesting; a general building contractor can work wonders. But, if you aren't ready to hire one, or if you reside in a cottage rental and aren't free to make alterations, there is another option. Use plants and add to the landscape design to enhance your cottage.

Regardless of what the weather outside may imply, cold winter days are the best time to begin making the following spring's landscaping design plans. Not only will this give you plenty of time to peruse landscaping and gardening publications for ideas; it will give you something to look forward to.

Cottage Living Landscape Design Ideas

A big mistake many homeowners make with landscaping design surrounding a non-descript small cottage is to position a small, narrow landscape in the front; or two positioned at either corner of the cottage. Doing nothing to modify drab lines.

A hanging planter basket or two filled with a waterfall of flora under the eaves, short but full shrubs, and a run of ground cover to define the drive way can turn an otherwise plain looking dwelling into an inviting, cozy cottage home design.

A charming rose cottage design can be made by adding a wood trellis with climbing rose shrub vines bursting with fragrant blossoms. Add an old-fashioned white picket fence or country fence with a sea of shrub roses growing along the fence line; on either side of the walkway, or along the drive way.

Top off your cottage garden design with a raised flower bed surrounding a birdbath that has been centered in the middle; edge the garden with flower bed rocks painted white.

Be sure to carry the country cottage design theme onto the porch area as well. Nothing is quite as appealing as a frilly Cape Cod curtain peeking out a cottage window behind an over-sized wicker patio chair with plump seat cushions.

More Beautiful Landscape Ideas to Enhance Cottage Home Design

Flowering shrub varieties planted near the mailbox at the landscape curbing might be a nice touch. But first find out what the local ordinance is in regards to street planting. This will affect distances of plantings as well as types of landscaping plant used. Also inquire as to who will be responsible for maintaining shrubs and trees once they are planted.

Check water and sewer lines; check for overhead wires which may dictate the use of dwarf tree and shrub varieties. Also consider landscaping tree and shrub care. Trees or bushes that require frequent pruning or drop petals or fruit that could stain the sidewalk or nearby cars should be avoided. Avoid poisonous shrub and tree varieties; including Azalea, Wisteria, Daphne, and Yew.

Landscaping tip: to add style and character to an otherwise plain country cottage design, select plants that soften the angles and blend it in with the landscape; scaled to enhance, not hide the cottage. Avoid the use of large, stiff evergreens.

Use trees to frame the scene, not interrupt it. Try dwarf flowering shrub varieties that are quick growing. Crab apple, dogwood, and holly offer remarkable winter interest. Rose, lilac, and mock orange are also good choices and highlight the landscape.

Make Your Cottage Life Landscaping Design Idea a Reality!

Uncertain as to best landscaping shrub and tree selection and placement to enhance your cottage style?  Acquire the services of a reliable landscape contractor. He or she will not only know innovative ways to improve the appearance of your cottage. They will more accurately project other considerations; landscape maintenance - time requirements and costs. And they may be able to acquire plants and other materials at reduced rates.

Project ahead on ways to improve the appearance of your country cottage for next spring; start making plans now by searching our gallery of landscaping ideas . A reliable landscaping contractor will help ensure project success.

Why not post your landscaping idea online at  It's free, fast, and easy. Experienced landscaping service providers are waiting to bid competitively on your project; to help make the most of your yard. And the appearance of your cottage style design a more welcoming and attractive part of the neighborhood.

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