Important Things to Consider Before Starting Your Brick Project


Updating the facade of your home can have a major effect on the appearance and value of your home. Replacing the siding is only one way to improve the curb appeal - a brick wall can be refaced with decorative stone, new brick or an attractive pattern. Although this brick project can be extensive and expensive, the overall effect is often breathtaking.

Easy Ways to Refinish Your Brick Walls

Although you can simply repaint your home's brick walls, unless you're a pro this is difficult to do well and can result in a less than attractive appearance. Refacing the brick with a veneer product is much more affordable and creates a better looking finish. Depending on which product you choose, refinishing with veneers may be a DIY job. For larger surface areas or if brick repair is necessary beforehand, be sure to hire a reputable masonry.

From faux stone or manufactured veneer, to natural stone veneer and even brick veneer, there are a number of brands to choose from. This thin product is applied on top of the surface, often using mortar and a metal mesh attached to the wall for support. Depending on the thickness and weight of the product, you may need extra supports.

Natural stone veneer is extremely popular and can be done over smaller sections of a wall to create an accent. Around a door, in a gable or framing the garage, natural stone veneer gives your home character. Choose natural stone with a tone that compliments the existing brick. Trim and shingles can be used to tie in the other colors.

Brick Replacing Siding or Stucco

Cover an exterior wall with brick for the first time is a little trickier. It can definitely be done and your home will be completely transformed when siding or stucco is replaced with brick.

Besides choosing the color and texture of the new brick, you'll need to consider whether or not support is necessary. A brick ledge may be needed along the bottom of the exterior walls. This involves excavating a trench approximately 12 inches wide and about 18 inches deep all the way along the new wall. Here a foundation is formed and the brick is laid on top.

Brick and Mortar Are Important

Match your existing brick as close as possible when tackling brick repair projects. That includes the brick material, shape and size, as well as the color. If you can't find the same (or very similar) brick your best option may be to opt for a different yet complimentary type.

You also need to make sure that exterior mortar is used for your refacing or brick repair project. It should be weaker or equal to the strength of the existing mortar and special attention should be given to the joints to ensure the bond between brick and mortar is well set. You'll need to match the color as well, which will be a job for the masonry professional.

Refacing your home or refinishing the brick is a complicated and involved process. Think about whether veneers should be used to spruce up your facade or bricks will replace siding and other exterior finishes. Consider if a support or ledge is necessary and spend the time to find an exact match for both the brick and mortar. Your brick project will need careful consideration and the expertise of an experienced contractor to make it all come together.

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