Mold and Black Mold Removal

Black mold

Mold and black mold can present health risks if you do not take steps to get rid of it. When thinking about mold and black mold removal you should consider whether you are going to get in a professional or do it yourself. If you decide to do it yourself then there are certain precautions that you should take.

When Doing Mold or Black Mold Removal Yourself Wear Protective Clothing and Clothing That Can be Discarded Immediately Afterwards

When doing mold and black mold removal you should wear clothes that you are able to put in the trash immediately afterwards as some of the mold spores may stick to your clothes and harm your health. You also need to take special precautions such as wearing a face mask or respirator and protective glasses that do not allow the mold spores to get through. If you are going to be working for long periods of time (a couple of hours) on the mold or black mold removal then ensure that you have plenty of breaks in an area where there is plenty of fresh air.

Seal Off the Room You Are Working In

When removing mold or black mold from a particular room seal it off as best you can from the surrounding areas using plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Dampen the Area You Are Working On

Before you start removing the mold or black mold ensure that you have dampened the area you are working on so as to minimize the release of mold spores.

Mold and Black Mold Removal

The next step in mold and black mold removal is to clean the area as much as possible using soap and water to remove as much of the mold as you can. Then disinfect the area with a bleach and water solution, leave for a few minutes (usually about 15 minutes) and then rinse thoroughly and dry rapidly.

What You Need to Discard

Apart from your clothes there are also a number of other materials within the area that you should discard if they have been exposed to mold or black mold including drywall, paper and carpet padding. Plastic, glass, metal and counter tops can be cleaned effectively but wood must also be sanded down to ensure that all mold has been removed. Place these mold infected items in sealed plastic bags and remove them through the nearest window - do not carry through the whole house.

Before Using the Room after Mold and Black Mold Removal

Before using the room after the mold and black mold removal you should air the room out so as to get rid of any toxins still in the area. After this the room should be safe to use.

Fix the Cause

Once you have removed the mold or black mold it is not enough to simply leave it or the mold will most likely return, you should also have a look for the cause of the problem and work on fixing this as well to prevent future problems. The problem could be related to areas that are regularly flooded, leaking plumbing or leaky roofs. Find out where the problem is in your home and remove this.

Mold and black mold can have serious consequences for your health and so it is important that this is removed. You may either choose to do mold or black mold removal yourself or get in a professional to do this for you. If you are going to do it yourself, you should ensure that you take the necessary precautions and also fix any problems that could have led to the mold.

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