How to Paint a Vinyl Fence

Painted vinyl fence

To paint vinyl fence, you need not be an expert. All you need is clear understanding of how it is done. Generally, vinyl fence do not even require to be painted as vinyl fencing is durable and can withstand all the elements and not lose its luster. However, if you are bored with the colour then you can paint vinyl fence.

Tools and Materials you will need:

* Primer

* Epoxy-based exterior paint

* Sealer

* Brushes and rollers

* Paint sprayer

* Water

* Clothes

Step one: Research for the Best Paint

Although it is not always required to paint vinyl fence it can be done with the correct paint and primer. Research various paint suppliers and /or contractors. If you choose to do the painting yourself, pick the best paint that has a good guarantee for longevity. Choose a primer and a sealer as well. If you hire a professional painting company they should already have good knowledge of what the job entails and will supply the appropriate paints, primers and sealants.

Step Two: Prepping the Fence

Clean the fence well. You can spray a soapy water solution on it and use a soft bristled scrub brush to remove caked on mud that the hose didn't get off, then rinse the fencing well. Wipe off any grass or such off the fence with a clean dry cloth and allow fence to dry. If you hire a landscaping company they will probably power wash the fence which will take a lot less time than the scrub brush and hose method.

Step Three: Prime the Fence

Prime the vinyl fence with a good primer that will resist mold and mildew and will stick to vinyl. This is a very important part when you paint vinyl fence. Use a primer that is made for outdoor vinyl shutters. If the fence area is large enough, the use of a paint sprayer will cut the priming time down. Apply the primer evenly making sure to catch all drips. Avoid brush and roller marks for a smooth finish.

Step Four: Cleaning Equipment

While the primer is drying, now is a good time to clean all of your painting equipment. Brushes rollers, sprayers, tips of the spray gun need to taken apart. Now use a small brush and spray water over the items and scrub clean them. To clean the hoses of a paint sprayer simply use a five gallon bucket, put the hoses in it and fill it full of water. Turn the sprayer on and flush the lines and the tips till the water is clear. It is vital that all painting equipment be cleaned before moving on the exterior paint. You want one specific colour and if there is any leftover primer on the equipment it will change the colour you have chosen.

Step Five: Checking the Primer on the Fence

After you are done cleaning your equipment, take a few minutes to review the fence. Look for marks that did not quite get hidden, look for holidays places where there are holes in the paint that the brush or roller or sprayer may have missed, look for runs and drips that may need to be sanded down for a more even finish. Take care of those small issues.

Step Six: Applying the Paint

A painting contractor may break up the prepping, priming and painting into three days. One to allow the fence to dry, one for the primer to dry completely and fix all minor holes and one to paint the fence with two to three coats. You can also do the same.

Once you are satisfied that the primer is dry and has done its job well, then it is time to start your first coat of paint. If the fence is painted with a sprayer, you may have to have some go after you with a roller to smooth out any flashing that may occur due to much paint spraying out or not enough.

Step Seven: Clean up

Cleaning the equipment is no different than cleaning it after the priming stage. Most paints are water soluble when wet and clean up easily with a hose or wet cloth.

Once you clean up, you will have a newly coloured fence and can take up job the job to paint vinyl fence again whenever you are bored of the present colour.

If painting is not for you then go to and they will match a qualified painting contractor or handyman to your particular painting needs.

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