How to Save Money When Hiring a Contractor for Your Painting Project


Redecorating and renovating will almost always involve a painting project. When the size and scope are far beyond any DIY possibilities you'll need to hire a painting contractor. Professional painters will do a thorough and quality job quickly, even tackling those challenging areas such as cathedral ceilings and second story exterior siding.

You can enjoy a professional finish and still control your expenses if you hire the right person and handle the job properly.

Finding the Right Painter

You'll always want to act on recommendations first, so ask around for referrals. It's important that you check references and have a look at some of the work done by the painting contractor. You'll save money by hiring a top notch, referred painter that will do the job right the first time.

Repairs and repainting always costs you more in time, money and aggravation in the end.

Buy Materials Directly

A simple way to save some money is by purchasing the paint yourself, which will eliminate any markup the painting contractor has on the materials. Not every contractor will do this, but you can ask to see whether such an arrangement is possible.

Make sure to buy the same grade and brand of paint the contractor usually uses, which allows them to be familiar with the product. Also be sure to buy enough paint to do the job.

Clean Up and Clear Out

It's important that you provide the safest and cleanest environment for your painting contractor to work in. It will save the painter time if you have all furniture and accessories cleared out or covered, providing an open place for them to work quickly and safely. This will also save you money, since you won't need to pay the contractor for extra time spent moving your stuff.

You can also be more careful with the items that have value to you, which will save on any replacement or repairs costs afterward.

Prep is the single most important factor in a quality painting project. Most professional painters will need to do their own preparation, including washing the walls, taping the trim and molding and covering the flooring for protection. Any other steps outside of these normal preparations will generally cost extra and can drive the price of your painting project over budget.

Save money by preparing the room and walls as much as possible before the painter arrives on the scene. Fill and patch any cracks or holes in the drywall. Be sure to let the mud dry well. Sand down any rough spots on the wall, including all patches and repairs.

Removing any major stains in the existing paint will save the painter time and result in a much higher quality paint job. Pen, marker, grease and heavy dirt marks will bleed through the new paint and need to be removed. Don't pay a professional painter to get rid of these stains before you've tried to do it yourself. Exterior walls can be power washed before the painters arrive and interior walls will benefit from a close inspection and a little elbow grease.

Be sure to start off your painting project by hiring the right painter. Once you've chosen them ask whether it's possible buy the paint directly and then plan to do all of the initial preparation you can, including moving furniture and cleaning stains from the walls. These steps will allow you to save money when hiring a painting contractor and help you end up with a top quality painting job.

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