3 Easy Ways to Save Money on a Driveway Installation


Driveways are designed for both practical use and visual appeal. Dress up your front yard by installing a new driveway that will be durable and solid for your vehicles, as well as attractive and valuable to your curb appeal. Professional driveway contractors are a great source of ideas and will handle this project well. Learn how to save money on a driveway installation while using the helpful services of industry pros.

Get Multiple Quotes

The same advice applies to so many home improvement projects. To make sure you are getting a competitive price for your project, shop it around. By all means be sure that each company you contact is reputable, experienced and even referred. But when you limit the competition to one or two contractors the playing field is uneven and you run the risk of choosing a contractor that is overpriced.

It s important that you look for contractors that are nearby. Driveway contractors have heavy equipment and will need to be paid for travel time to and from your home. It only makes sense that the less they need to drive, the less you will pay. Although you may not be able to see this on the quote, contractors that only work locally will often have lower rates overall.

Choose the Right Design

Asphalt driveways are likely the least expensive, while more elaborate interlocking stone drives can be very expensive. Poured concrete designs vary widely in price considering any additives to the concrete (decorative or otherwise) and whether or not stamping is done.

If you don t have your heart set on one particular type of driveway design, explain to the contractor what you want the area to look like and allow them to make suggestions. For example it can be possible to create a cobblestone look without actually installing genuine cobblestones (and paying the price that goes along with that choice).

Often preformed or precast pavers are an economical choice. Check out the designs and patterns available in the different product lines and choose the most durable, affordable option.

Ask the Neighbors to Join In

This is one of the easiest ways to save money on a driveway installation. When two or three neighbors have their driveways paved or installed at the same time it saves the contractor a lot of time and money. That should translate into a lower price for everyone.

The trick is to have this arranged ahead of time. Don t expect to get a discount if you ve already booked the driveway and then your neighbor decides to give the contractor a call. Discounts generally only apply when all of the jobs are quoted and installed at the same time, which is how the company saves time. Also, make sure that the contractor deals directly with each homeowner so that any payment and warranty issues can be handled smoothly without involving the whole neighborhood.

A professionally installed driveway adds value to your home and dresses up the whole street. You can easily save money on a driveway installation by contacting at least three different companies to quote on the project. Choose one that is close by to cut down on travel time and have the neighbors complete their driveway projects at the same time. That way the discounts will pile up. Finally, be sure to choose a design that delivers the look you want but keeps the costs low. A good contractor will help you with that decision. Look forward to a smooth, finished look in the front of your home with a well laid, well designed driveway.

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