Top Ten Plumbing Problems That Need Immediate Repair

Plumbing repairs

Plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home. What would you do without hot water for washing, clean water for drinking and food prep or a proper sanitary system to get rid of waste? You are bound to face some of the issues on this list of the top ten plumbing problems. Be sure to follow up with immediate action and keep this vital home system operational and safe.

1) Clogged or Plugged Drains - The effects of a blocked drainpipe can become very serious, very fast. If the clogged drain is in the path of waste water you may find yourself dealing with unhealthy conditions and nasty odors until the blockage is broken up. Other blockages in your kitchen or bathroom sink are more inconvenient than dangerous, but still need to be looked after right away.

Products to break up clogged drains may work, but many back ups need to be physically located and removed. That's definitely a job for your local plumber.

2) No Hot Water - Your hot water heater is responsible for supplying the hot water required for showering and other cleaning processes in your home. When that equipment malfunctions or has been improperly adjusted you could find yourself without the warmth you're used to. Inadequately sized water heaters will continue to be a problem. Have your plumber calculate the needs of your household and recommend a suitable make and model.

3) Leaky Water Heaters - Maybe your hot water supply is fine, but there are puddles of water underneath the hot water heater. This is an obvious sign that something is wrong with the equipment. Have it inspected and repaired or arrange for a replacement in order to avoid a complete loss of hot water, as outlined above.

Hire a plumber if you are upgrading or replacing your water heater. They may also be able to dispose of your old equipment as well.

4) Dripping Tap - That annoying drip, drip, drip you often see in movies and television shows really is a problem. Not only will this issue add up to a sizable amount of wasted water, it's also a sign that your tap or the fittings around it are in need of immediate repair.

Call your local plumber to stop the drip and have any worn or damaged parts replaced.

5) Pipe Leaks - A leaky pipe is a much more serious problem than a leaky faucet. When water gets behind the walls or into the insulation damage can be extensive. Water problems will lead to mold growth and premature deterioration of framing. Even a sporadic leak can result in major damage.

If you see or smell water where it shouldn't be call the plumber right away. Leaky pipes are often a precursor to bursting pipes. And the damage and flooding that can result from that issue are bound to be expensive.

6) Toilet Constantly Running - When you consistently hear the thrum of a running toilet what you're really hearing is the water bill going up. A running toilet is generally a result of broken internal components, from valves to the float or chains. It could be a simple problem or a symptom of something larger.

The wisest idea is to shut off the water supply and call your local plumber. Attempting to tackle plumbing problems as a DIY project often results in more extensive damage and expense.

7) Faucet Installation - Upgrading your plumbing fixtures is a simple way to redecorate. It may also provide you with better functionality and features - a kitchen faucet with a sprayer incorporated is convenient and attractive. New taps and shower heads can completely transform the look and feel of a bathroom as well.

Although some DIY enthusiasts may be comfortable installing a new faucet, many situations require the expertise of an experienced plumber.

8) Garbage Disposal Issues - Your garbage disposal is hooked up directly to your plumbing and requires a drain and water supply. If your disposal is not working properly - or not working at all - a plumber is the best person to call.

You can look forward to nasty odors and unpleasant messes when a garbage disposal is malfunctioning. But the components of operation are complicated and it could be very dangerous to fool with a garbage disposal on your own. Have a trained professional in to be sure the equipment is properly wired in and plumbed.

9) Leaking Toilets - A leak around your toilet may be due to a deteriorated gasket. The water supply lines or bowl gasket may also be part of the problem. In all of these cases it's best to call a plumber. An improperly installed toilet can make a real mess and create serious inconveniences, especially if you do not have a second bathroom.

10) Issues at the Main Shut Off - You will find a main valve inside the house that can be used to shut off your home's water supply. But what do you do when there is a problem with that valve? Your only option is to call in a local professional. They will have access to a special key used to shut off the exterior water.

There are many projects and issues that require the help of a plumber. Any one of these top ten plumbing problems will be best looked after with the expertise of a licensed and experienced plumber. Keep your family safe and your home in good condition with the help of a professional.

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