Top 4 Tips for Building the Ultimate Backyard Storage Shed


It's just as important to have an organized yard as it is to be organized inside your home. Build a backyard storage shed and you'll have a handy space to keep lawn maintenance supplies, seasonal items and gardening tools. Free up some room in the garage and be more efficient with well ordered backyard storage.

Sheds are a great DIY project and can be easily customized to suit your family's needs. Available in packages with some assembly needed or as full kits with more extensive work required. Storage sheds can also be built from scratch. Each method has advantages and the price range is vast, depending on the size and style chosen.

Whichever DIY shed style works for your yard there are certain factors that will ensure the project goes smoothly.

1) Grading Dictates Location

You might envision your shed in a certain spot in the yard, perhaps in a back corner or next to the garage. While that may be possible, the grade of your property will generally dictate the best spot.

Kits and pre-fabricated sheds usually need to be installed on a level floor. A concrete pad or level spot on your lawn is a good spot. Alternatively, you can build a wooden deck on any slope to provide a plywood floor perfect for any style of shed.

2) Size Might Be Limited By Your Municipality

You'll need to apply for a building permit if your shed is over a certain size. Check with your local municipality. Larger sizes are often subject to building codes and will require inspections to ensure they are built to standards.

Most kits and prefab sheds fall below that size or come with the necessary paperwork to expedite the process. Be sure to follow any codes that are applicable and don't hesitate to get a permit. The small cost will be well worth it to ensure stable construction and help things go smoothly when time comes to sell your home.

3) Climate Plays a Part

The climate you live in makes a difference to the longevity of your shed. Wind takes a beating on thin siding, extreme cold can be hard on plastics and high sun exposure and frequent rains might be tough on wood siding. Choose the shed material based on the conditions of your climate.

Check out how other sheds in the neighborhood have stood up to the weather. Also consider the type of construction to use. Light weight sheds will need to be securely fastened down in windy regions and flooring needs to be set on deep piers in areas that experience heavy frosts.

4) Consider the Design Theme

Choose a shed style based on the set up of your yard and possibly the style of your home. A cute, cottage style shed may look strange in an outdoor area designed with contemporary shapes and furniture. Likewise a sleek, streamlined vinyl shed might stand out like a sore thumb in a more traditional, heritage styled yard.

This doesn't mean you're limited to coordination, but consider how the shed fits into your overall outdoor design and choose the style accordingly.

Take these four factors into account when choosing and installing your new backyard storage shed. Opt for something that suits your style, layout and climate. When the right shed is installed you can look forward to years of organization and a tidier outdoor living space.

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