Spring Storms Can Cause Major Damage to Siding and Exterior Finishes


Fierce and intense spring storms can create more damage than most of us could imagine. Heavy winds and strong, driving rain can cause damage to the siding and exterior finishes on homes across the continent. Repairs and replacement will be necessary for many families as they move out of this stormy season and into a quieter summer time.

Steps to Assess the Siding Damage

There are a few different ways that storms can cause damage to your siding. Dents, scratches and chips are often a result of heavy objects flying into or falling onto your siding. Branches and other sharp, but lightweight materials can be easily picked up and blown around your yard. If these items hit your siding with enough force they will certainly leave a mark. And those marks can result in enough degradation to warrant of replacement of your exterior finish.

The other, more common way that siding can be damaged is when it is blown off. Siding pieces that have come loose from the wind or are held by aging fasteners, framing and underlayment can be easily ripped off in strong winds. Give those gusts a toehold and entire sections of your siding may be torn off and strewn around the yard. When this occurs there are a few immediate steps that need to be taken in order to protect your home.

First check the condition of the underlayment. If the wrap, foil or insulation has also been torn you will need to patch it immediately. This is the layer that protects your framing and interior finishing from moisture and cold temperatures. If there are gaps or holes the rain and wind could cause serious damage to the interior of your home. Immediate replacement or repair is required.

Once the underlayment has been patched, replaced or repaired, you should take a good look at the condition of your siding. Has it been cracked or torn around the damaged area? Measure the amount of siding (usually by the square foot) that will need to be replaced and consider this in terms of the entire home. If wind damage will require you to replace a substantial amount of siding it may be best to consider replacing all of it.

Who To Call

If the scope is limited you will do well to call a restoration company or a handyman services firm to handle this repair. A quick call to your home insurance company will direct you to approved businesses. If you will need to replace the entire siding then you re best to call a specialized contractor.

Siding installation contractors will be able to offer you the best solutions, the widest selection of product and professionally trained installers. They will often back their work with a solid guarantee and will do the job quickly, ensuring the maximum protection of your home.

When spring storms hit and your siding is damaged, a siding installation contractor is the one to call. They will give you the best advice and direction as to what repairs are necessary. Flying objects blown around by the wind can dent and scratch the siding, while loose siding pieces can also be ripped off by strong winds. Underlayment damage needs to be repaired right away, while an assessment of the siding damage will help you decide whether a repair or replacement is necessary. Either way, get your house covered before the spring rains can cause even more damage.

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