Top Design Tips for Your Siding Project


Putting an addition on, building a shed or adding a garage to your home will involve a siding project. When your siding has aged and wear is beginning to show or wind and weather have damaged your home, it's time to make some design decisions.

Much of the exterior design of your home is wrapped up in your siding. Not only does it protect your home from the weather, it also provides a skin around the house that helps to create a uniform look. Certain styles of siding will help to classify the character and era of your home.

Designing your siding project can be an exciting stage, since this is your chance to give the house a makeover and freshen up the exterior dramatically.

Siding Design When Building On

Adding an addition or building an outbuilding such as a shed or garage usually means you need to match the existing siding. It's important to try and find out the brand and color of the product that is covering the balance of the house. However, if your home is older it's quite possible that the manufacturer is no longer is business or they do not carry that color/style any longer.

In this case you have a decision to make. Will you attempt to match the product with another brand? Or will you look for something entirely different that compliments the balance of the house? This can be tricky but tends to end with a more attractive look that accentuates the positive in both types of siding.

Often siding is used for additions made to a brick house. In this case you'll want to take a sample of your brick to the siding retailer and choose something complimentary.

Replacing or Repairing Siding

Usually siding repair is something you can do on your own. Getting the damaged siding off of your house may be tricky, but if you have purchased the same line of siding for the replacement parts then installing them should be a simple job.

Siding components for older homes may be more difficult to source. If you find that the manufacturer has discontinued the line have a siding contractor take a look at the project. It may be that they can fabricate the corners or components you need to make the job work.

New Products on the Market

There is so much more on the market than the traditional aluminum or vinyl siding. You can opt for wood siding in a variety of styles, from the traditional board and baton to tongue and groove types or shiplap siding. Wood siding can be customized in texture, pattern and color, making it the most versatile choice.

Cement board is another relatively new type of siding. Designed to resemble wood but manufactured to last with very little maintenance, this style of siding comes in a wide variety of looks but most often carries a heavy price tag.

What's Under Your Siding?

Designing for your siding project involves making sure the entire system is up to code and performing well. Install insulation board or house wrap if that is required (or recommended) in your region. Adding insulation and a moisture barrier can reduce heating and cooling costs in your home, often making it well worth the added cost and effort of putting them in during your siding project.

There may be quite a few decisions in the design stage in a siding project. Type, style and of course, color of your siding are important choices. Matching or complimenting the existing siding is a major issue in additions and even siding repairs require quite a bit of forethought and information. Do a thorough job on this prep work and look forward to a fresh new look for the exterior of your home.

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