Seven Benefits of Converting your Home to Solar Energy

Solar energy

One of the main reasons why people don't convert to solar energy systems is the cost. While it is true that this is a large home investment, there are also a number of benefits to converting your home to soar energy. Before you totally dismiss the idea, take some time to learn the advantages of solar energy so you can truly decide whether or not the cost is worth it.

Benefit #1: Solar energy is good for the environment.

By far, one of the main reasons that you should consider switching to solar energy is that it is responsible. While at first glance it may not seem like this is a reason that directly benefits you, it actually is, since every person who uses solar energy and other renewable, clean sources of energy means less toxins in the air and water. The sun isn't going to “run out” like you'll find with gas, coal, and oil, and it doesn't destroy the environment to collect. The more people who switch to solar energy, the better! Although you may not see huge differences right away, over time when lots of homeowners using renewable resources start to add up, switching to solar energy really does create a cleaner earth.

Benefit #2: You'll save money on your utility bills.

It isn't true that most solar energy systems pay for themselves, at least not very quickly. While some companies want you to believe that, the fact of the matter is that they're still much more expensive than traditional energy systems, and it takes more than a few years to make back your money. That said, when you look at the energy savings you'll receive every year, the cost of solar panels isn't quite as daunting. You will save money every month this way, so it isn't a complete waste of money to install these systems if finances are your main factor.

Benefit #3: You'll add value to your home.

One of the ways in which solar energy systems actually can pay for themselves, in the end, is if you plan on selling your home. If your home runs on solar energy, that adds a lot of value in equity, and combined with your monthly utilities systems, it means that you could make a tidy profit on the investment when you sell the home. It depends on your real estate market, of course, but regardless of where you live updating your energy system to be renewable will add value to your real estate.

Benefit #4: Solar energy is reliable.

With solar energy systems, you'll often find that you have to do home repairs less often. They still need to be maintained, but the fact is that since there are no moving parts, you'll be less likely to need repairs done. It's still a good idea to have a backup generator on hand, but unlike traditional heating systems, which typically need repairs at least once or twice every five years, a solar energy system might go decades without needing repairs, as long as it is well maintained.

Benefit #5: You might be able to sell excess energy.

If you install a very large solar panel system, you might collect much more energy than you need for your home. Some local power companies will gladly pay for this energy, depending on demand in your area. Instead of sending out a check to the electric company every month, you could receive one! Of course, to qualify, you'll need a fairly large solar energy system, so it makes sense to find out from your power company if they are interested in purchasing excess energy from you before you go to the added expense of installing a large system.

Benefit #6: You'll be self-sufficient.

With a solar energy system, you aren't required to connect to a power grid, which is great if you want a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Many homeowners choose to have backup methods of energy, so they remain on grid, but it is completely possible to survive without being connected, which means that you have a more private lifestyle.

Benefit#7: You'll qualify for government tax credits.

The government is actually offering incentives to homeowners who go green. These incentives change regularly, and it depends on your area, the type of upgrade you're doing, and other factors, but many homeowners find that it offsets the cost of the solar energy system by at least 20%. For some, the savings can be even larger, so paired with the extra value it adds to your home, the utilities savings that you'll see, and the potential to sell energy back to the power company, you could actually see the cost of the solar energy system returned to you more quickly than you think is possible. Keep your ears open when it comes to learning more about tax credits, since it might make sense to wait until certain laws take affect in the future.

Posted by: Aunindita
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