3 Tips to Know Before Adding a Sunroom to Your Home


It is a dream of homeowners across the continent. To have a place at home where they can enjoy sunlight and an open, airy feeling while being completely protected is something folks long for. Resting in your sunroom sipping morning coffee, reading a novel or playing a game with the family is an ideal vision. But adding a sunroom is a major decision, not to mention that it carries a major price tag and can alter the way your home works.

Think about these things before you call a contractor. Having certain decisions made and filing specific information away in your mind can be a great help to homeowner and contractor alike.

1) The Style of the Sunroom Is More Than Just Looks

You might love the appearance and atmosphere of a traditional conservatory. Or a curved roof sunroom might be just the thing you're dreaming of. But try not to be entirely superficial. There is more to it than just looks.

Think about the space you have available. Certain styles, such as the conservatory, require a lot of property and can be difficult to add based on lot lines and clearances. The actual area that you have to work with may predetermine the style you choose. With tight spaces and cramped property lines the studio styles are likely your only option. If the area is large enough or unlimited, your own personal tastes can come more into play.

2) Roof Lines Are Important

Your home was designed and built with a specific roof line and everything from the drainage to the drifting snow has worked with that design for years. Adding in a sunroom could dramatically change the roofline. And that can lead to unforeseen problems if you don't give it enough thought beforehand.

Bungalows, backsplits and sidesplits all run into this problem and it might limit where they can add the sunroom to their home. Be prepared to fork out extensive funds for a roof renovation if the sunroom will not fit seamlessly into your current roof. You might need to butt the two roofs together and then water runoff and snow drifting may become an issue. Ask the professionals at the sunroom retailer to help you design a new roofline that will maintain the stability and efficiency of your existing roof.

3) All Materials Are Not Created Equally

Sunrooms come in a variety of materials and you can choose based on your preferences for style and maintenance. Aluminum framing is the most popular choice. It offers supreme durability, weather resistance and a light weight construction that makes for more flexible designs. The aluminum in your sunroom is also painted. That means you may need to repaint or touch up the surface with time and daily use of the room.

Vinyl clad sunroom structures are a good choice for dependable, somewhat flexible and virtually maintenance free construction. Look for many different styles that are available in a vinyl clad finish and be aware that you'll pay more for this option.

Wood is yet another option. When combined with an aluminum and rubber gasket system of glass mounting, wooden sunrooms are low maintenance solutions that offer unbeatable warmth and charm. Make sure the wood will be well protected and that the fasteners and mounting systems are all top notch. Don't settle for a wood sunroom slapped together by an amateur. If you are leaning towards wood, contact the professionals and see what brands of wood sunrooms they have available.

You still want to have a sunroom and by all means, make that call. Your home will be brighter and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with that sunroom addition. Just be sure you know exactly what it is you want for your home. Understand ahead of time that certain circumstances may limit your choices and work with an experienced, established professional to insure the best possible addition to your home. With a new sunroom you'll realize that sometimes dreams do come true.

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