How to Save Money When Hiring a Swimming Pool Contractor

Swimming pool

Maybe you've dreamed about having your own swimming pool for years. The convenience of cooling off with a quick dip is hard to resist and people of all ages dream of having their own pool to enjoy all season long. That dream could easily become a reality once they realize how easy it is to save money hiring a swimming pool contractor. An incredible backyard may be only a phone call away.

Building a swimming pool consists of a few different stages and each one presents a chance to save some money. From the pool design to the surrounding landscape and the maintenance products installed, homeowners can pick and choose where they want to save money.

Pool Designs Make a Difference

The style of pool that you choose will set the budget. Above ground models are much more affordable than in ground models, although they don't offer the same flexibility for finishes and landscaping.

If you want to save money on a swimming pool, ask your contractor which style, model and size will best fit your budget. It could be that there are cheaper liners available for a certain size of in ground pool. Or it may be that the contractor knows of some quality used models available for you to browse through. On-ground pools might suit your tastes when it comes to appearances and without the need for extensive excavating this style of pool is much cheaper than the alternative.

Look Around at the Landscape

There's more to a swimming pool project than just a pool. If you don't have them under control the decking, landscaping, fencing and stone needs can drive up the cost significantly. Try to have an idea of what you need to do right away and what can wait for a few years.

Also, consider contacting the landscapers and decking contractors directly. If you allow your pool contractor to organize those aspects of the job you will most likely be paying a markup for his time. By getting this aspect of your project under control you can choose exactly which contractor you would like, as well as reduce the costs.

Maintenance Products

There are certain products used in the maintenance of a swimming pool that can greatly contribute to overall cost. By opting for lower priced models or a different technology you can trim away at the price to bring it down to budget.

Solar blankets instead of heaters and pumps with lower speeds will all save you money. Always be sure that your contractor is selling the correct size of pump for your pool. Buying a pump that is too large will not only affect the original installation cost, it will also decrease the energy efficiency of the pool and end up costing you much more money over time.

Don't give up on your dream for a backyard swimming pool. Find out how you can save money hiring a swimming pool contractor by choosing affordable styles and models and planning the landscaping well. Investing in the right types of pool maintenance equipment is another possibility that will trim costs and save money. Your family deserves a pool and with these money saving tips they are that much closer to having one.

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