Swimming Pool Contractor - Installation Considerations and Options for the Prudent Homeowner

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A home swimming pool installation is a big project. Before starting the installation you need to do your fair share of research. It’s easy to run into major issues when you lack proper knowledge of a swimming pool or spa home upgrade. Basic components to look into include local building code requirements, available yard space, swimming pool design, pool type, and project budgets and costs. However, there are plenty of other matters to factor in as well, including:

  • Backyard safety. Swimming pool safety features, such as a fence, are essential. They must be used to keep small children from wandering into the pool area when they are left unattended.
  • Hiring a professional pool contractor or DIYing the project. Swimming pool construction can be completed by using a swimming pool kit. Perhaps you would rather hire a spa/swimming pool construction contractor instead.

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  • Swimming pool landscaping compatibility. The size, shape, and type of pool must compliment and balance your backyard. This is for aesthetic purposes and outdoor living purposes. There is also more market value and sale potential when there is a good balance in your backyard—should you ever decide to sell your home.

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  • Winterizing. If you live in a more temperate climate you will have to have a plan for your swimming pool during the winter months. There are plenty of options on the market that include hard or soft shell pool covers and seasonal bubbles.
  • Additional pool features. There are so many pool design features to think about before you start constructing your swimming pool. These include a swimming pool deck and the material that it’s made of, such as concrete, stone, wood, or another speciality material. There is also swimming pool coping, which surrounds the pool perimeter with your choice of flagstone, bricks, concrete, or coping stones. Another high-tech design feature is underwater fiber-optic lights. These create a special ambience for nighttime swimming and poolside entertainment. Finally, there are water features, such as hot pools and waterfalls for a spa-like touch.

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Concrete swimming pool liners are durable and won’t tear as easily as vinyl liners will.

  • The type of swimming pool liner. There are so many options on the market such as fiberglass liners and concrete. Even an inground swimming pool vinyl liner should be considered since it’s an increasingly popular cost-effective choice.

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  • Swimming pool care and maintenance. Owning a swimming pool comes with its fair share of time, effort, and extra expense. A pool requires constant commitment and effort to keep the water stable and clean. One option is an automatic cleaning system. Some systems use water pressure to force water through the pool jets at predetermined cycles. This creates a sweeping action across the surface of the pool, and drives debris and sediment around the perimeter of the pool towards the exit drain. Another option is to hire a swimming pool maintenance company. They can help reduce the time and effort required for the upkeep, but remember, this comes at a costly expense!
  • Pool Excavation for inground pools. Excavation means major landscape renovations. Your contractor will have to use heavy machinery to install the pool They will manoeuvre around your yard with backhoes and dump trucks. This creates added expenses. It can get pricey to hire the professionals who would operate the equipment.

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An Indoor Swimming Pool - an Option Worth Considering

The most popular swimming pool option is an outdoor pool. Homeowners dispute over which style is better--in-ground or above ground-- but another option remains: an indoor swimming pool.

Homeowners who are investing in larger homes sometimes debate between adding on an extra room or an enclosed patio to the home. But, everyone knows in their heart that indoor pools are a great option for year-round use!

Installation of an indoor home pool has unique considerations of its own:

  • The need for an indoor pool enclosure dehumidifier.
  • Whether to have an electric or solar heated indoor pool.
  • Additional special features such as an indoor wave pool or combination pool and spa.
  • Besides a swimming pool contractor, the services of a general building contractor, licensed plumber, and interior designer might be required.

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Above-ground or In-ground Pool?

DIY homeowners and those with limited resources might decide to purchase an inground pool kit or above ground swimming pool kit to save on the expense of hiring a pool contractor. Since inground pool installation is much more complicated than an above ground pool installation, kits are the best option for the homeowner and come with flexible vinyl liners.

Above ground pool kits are the easiest and quickest to install. They are also the cheapest option. While the basic 14-foot by 28-foot in-ground rectangular pool costs somewhere in the neighbourhood of $4,600, the average 15-foot by 30-foot oval above ground swimming pool can run for around $1,800!

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Of course, both options come with additional expenses. These include steps, slides, lights, heater, safety covers, filters, pumps, disinfection equipment, decking, etc.

However, most homeowners don’t want to settle for less than the swimming pool of their dreams. That is why it's a good idea to ensure that the job is done right without costly mistakes and seek out the services of a qualified professional to handle the project.

Not surprisingly, underground pools cost considerably more than above ground pools. This is true regardless of whether or not the pool is installed from the ground up by a professional, or if it is purchased as a kit. However, a well-built underground pool will last longer than an above ground. Underground pools have an average lifespan of 18-years, minimum.

Although pools don't always add to the value of a home, realtors will tell you that an underground swimming pool will add more the real estate market value of the property compared to an above ground swimming pool.

A Growing Trend: Vinyl Liners

Vinyl pool liners can be a good, cost-effective choice in comparison to other liners on the market, such as tile. Vinyl is a more affordable option than other decorative liners, which makes it a popular choice in the industry today.

Vinyl swimming pool liner

Vinyl swimming pool liners are a great option for any homeowner who wants a snazzy pool design.

If you opt for an inground swimming pool vinyl liner, get a quality, super strong one that comes with a warranty. A liner that is 20-mil thick or more and made from 100% virgin vinyl will be durable and long lasting. Make sure it has a special coating to protect it against breakdown from UV rays, pool water chemicals, bacteria, and algae.

A layer of wall foam should be installed beneath the vinyl liner and it should be secured in place with wall foam adhesive. Wall foam is a type of foam padding that helps create a smooth surface. it also protects the liner against punctures and corrosion. This crucial step will increase the durability and stability of the liner.

Vinyl liners come in a variety of colours, designs, and styles that enhance overall pool aesthetic. There are tonnes of fun patterns on the market today!

How to Install a Swimming Pool Correctly (the First Time!)

Swimming pools symbolize summer and fun—it’s no reason why folks rush into this project. Before calling up a contractor and signing a contract, be sure that you have fully considered the ins and outs of this project.

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Always remember that there are several components to a swimming pool installation; namely:

  1. Pool and backyard safety
  2. Swimming pool location (indoor or outdoor, above ground or below ground)
  3. Swimming pool and landscaping configuration
  4. Liner materials
  5. Seasonal changes to the backyard
  6. Swimming pool maintenance

Hold back on starting this project until you have thoroughly thought through each point. Swimming pool projects are a huge commitment, they can be extremely expensive, and they don’t increase the value of your home.

Install your swimming pool right the first time! This will help you enjoy the pool in the years to come. The last thing you want is to fill in the pool because you weren’t ready for the invasive project scope, or you weren’t ready for the time and price associated with pool maintenance.

Find the Right Swimming Pool Service Contractor at the Right Price

When it comes to finding just the right swimming pool contractor at just the right price, is your best option.

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This is true regardless of whether you want a Vancouver swimming pool contractor, a swimming pool maintenance provider in Toronto, swimming pool repair services in Quebec, or help with any type of swimming pool related services anywhere in Canada!

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