Window Coverings Design Decorating Ideas Part 2

Window coverings

In part 1 of Window Covering Design Decorating Ideas, we briefly touched upon early window covering beginnings and the complexity of modern window covering options.

We also explored some of the more popular types of designer shades available. Including solar sun shades, cellular shades, and fabric window shade and Roman window shade treatment options.

Flat or pleated, a paper window shade (such as those made from rice paper) offers another option; providing privacy while allowing diffused light into the room. Rice paper shades have an understated elegance; price is somewhat higher than a standard roller window shade. Note: rice paper's delicate beauty belies its durability. With proper care, these organic shades maintain their attractive appearance up to 8-years or more.  

Another option is a temporary paper shade. A great answer for homeowners on a budget who need a quick, easy solution for privacy; while saving for the high-priced window treatment they want.

A temporary shade can be purchased for just a few dollars; usually available in packages of 3 or 4 shades for around $10.

Window Blinds

Of all window treatment types, blinds provide the maximum in light-control. They also:

  1. Can be raised or lowered; for outside view or privacy
  2. Slats can be “custom positioned,” to regulate the exact amount of light allowed to enter the room.

Specialty blinds such as energy saving insulated blinds are cost-efficient, and especially popular. Custom blinds offer the ultimate in blind flexibility. In material and style, as well as special features. Such as insulation - whether to muffle sounds or to help maintain room temperature comfort.

Blind Choices to Consider

A wood slat blind - made from lightweight basswood (which resists splintering), or another type hardwood; painted or stained. A wood blind compliments nearly any room's decor with classic beauty.

A mini wood blind is perfect for smaller windows and French doors; wood blinds with 2-inch slats are best for regular sized and larger windows. Rated high for energy efficiency, privacy, and light control, quality wood blinds can increase the market value of your home.

A faux wood blind - with the beauty of a real wood blind, yet less costly. PVC mini blinds or those with wider slats can be made to resemble wood; faux wood blinds are also made from wood composites. They are easy to clean, and resist warping and fading.

Unlike real wood, faux wood blinds are suitable for any room in the house, even those that tend to be humid; such as laundry and bathrooms. Makes an especially striking double glass door window treatment.

Aluminum mini blinds - one of the most popular choices of all time, mini blinds made from metal such as aluminum come in an endless array of colors and styles; in price ranges from economy to high-end.

Vinyl mini blinds - another popular option, less expensive than aluminum or wood mini blinds. Durable and long-lasting when cared for properly. Select quality room darkening mini blinds (vinyl, wood, or aluminum) for areas of the home such as bedrooms, the nursery, and home theaters.

Window Shutters

A wooden window shutter - is very similar to a wooden blind. Like other wood window treatments, wood shutters offer aesthetic appeal for enhanced room decor. They protect room furnishings from harmful UV rays, help isolate outside noise, and provide optimum temperature insulation.

If investing in real wood shutters, choose those made from select quality hardwood; seasoned especially for your climate zone, to resist warping and splintering. When closed, shutters rate highest of all window treatments for energy efficiency, privacy, and light control.

Available for indoor or outdoor use; also available in decorative window shutter designs, made using various materials. If funds are low, consider economy vinyl window shutter options; painted or with a simulated wood grain finish.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are another type of window covering design that helps define room type and style.

Whether a dramatic show stopper, or tailored and subtle, curtains and drapes add color and appeal to nearly any style of decor. The preferred choice for areas of the home such as the living room, formal dining area, and master bedroom.

Curtains and drapes are made from various types of fabric. From sheer drape panels, to a linen drape or those made from twill, brocade, or a heavier fabric.

Sheer curtains allow more light into the room than regular curtains. Also referred to as “privacy curtains,” they prevent people outside from seeing inside the home, while allowing those inside the home to view what is outside.

Sheers made from fabrics such as polyester, cotton or rayon voile and lace, are often used in combination with heavier panels of window drape. For a long favored classic design that compliments many types of room decor.

Select a coated room darkening drape for increased privacy, enhanced room temperature comfort, and UV protection; absorbing up to 70% of direct light. Those coated with multi-layers of a rubber backing are called a blackout drape; capable of blocking up to 100% of direct light.

A thermal lined drape consists of one layer of decorative drape fabric combined with a separate layer of plain fabric (often coated), for the utmost in light absorption and insulation.

Interior decorating idea: if money is no object, consider custom drape and curtain styles, using fabrics that match room furnishings. A designer drape that perfectly coordinates with decorative wallpaper, wallpaper borders, or room accessories.

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