4 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Replacement Windows Project

Window replacement

A time consuming job with a potentially large pay out, installing replacement windows becomes a necessary thing once your house passes a certain age. Whether to improve energy efficiency, capture more natural light or strictly to update the look of your home, putting in new windows can be a hassle. By planning ahead and thinking about certain aspects you can ensure a smoother project with an incredible end result.

Consider This

1) Wood or Vinyl Replacement Windows?

You need to decide right off the bat whether your new windows will be wood (wood framed with vinyl cladding on the outside) or vinyl. This will make a difference to the appearance of your home as well as to the final cost of this home improvement project. Although many choose vinyl, wood framed replacement windows have advantages and may be a better choice for historical homes. Do some research and find out which choice is best for your house.

2) Contractor or DIY?

Installing windows is a skilled job, especially when you need to remove the existing window and fit the new product in. The job is finicky and possibly troublesome, so unless you have specific experience with this type of project you re best to hire a contractor for a replacement windows project. Not only will this ensure the windows are fitted properly, but a good contractor will provide a warranty to give you even more peace of mind.

3) To Keep or Not To Keep the Old Windows?

This may depend on the condition of the windows, but you need to decide whether you ll have a use for any or all of your old windows. Could you sell them or donate them to a salvaged building material store? You may pay an additional fee to have the contractor dispose of the windows. Ask if keeping them will reduce the project price at all. And if you do decide to hang onto them, be sure to clearly mark that for the installers a note taped to the existing window should do the trick.

4) Comparing Prices or Comparing Products?

You should get quotations from at least three different contractors, which will likely cover a wide variety of window manufacturers. There may even be a large selection of brands from each contractor. Deciding which contractor to hire involves comparisons that cover a number of factors. Should you opt for the cheapest? Or look for a specific manufacturer or brand of window? How do service and warranty fit into your decision? It s best to look at the whole package - choosing a contractor you can trust who is offering the best product for your home at the best price. Value is the most important factor.

Unless you re only replacing one or two, installing replacement windows will be an expensive undertaking. Planning ahead will make sure it is money well spent and allow you to have confidence in your choices. From the materials to the installation and treatment of the existing window, you have some decisions to make about this home improvement project.

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