Choosing the Right Interior Doors and Exterior Doors

Interior and exterior doors

Do you know what to look for when choosing interior and exterior doors? The doors you choose can either complement the style of your house or not, they can save you money or you can pay more than you really need to.

Factors Affecting the Price of your Interior Doors and Exterior Doors

The price of interior and exterior doors will be affected by the material from which they are made, as well as the design. The more elaborately decorated a door is, the more it is likely to cost. Wood exterior doors also cost more than fiberglass or steel doors. Before deciding on the type of door you are going to choose, first consider your budget and what options it allows you.

Look at the Style of Your Home

The exterior doors and interior doors that you choose for your home should also compliment the overall style of your home. If your home is in a pre-war traditional style then you should probably consider wood interior doors, while complex panel designs on interior doors, such as the Italianate arches, Colonial-style split pediment, and narrow Victorian panels should be kept for more modern homes. Your exterior doors, likewise, should match the overall style of the exterior of your home.

The Materials from which Doors Are Made

Doors can be made from a wide variety of materials such as wood, hollow core wood, steel, fiberglass, PVC, glass, or aluminum. Each of these types of materials will have places where they are best used, for example a hollow core wood door can only be used for interior doors as it tends to warp or disintegrate when exposed to the weather; while steel doors are normally used as exterior doors.

What Type of Door Do You Want?

There are many different types of interior doors and exterior doors and apart from looking at style, materials and cost, there may also be the matter of personal preference in terms of the doors you choose. You may or may not want folding or bi-fold doors, for example, in your home. Sliding doors are also often used as an exterior door but may not be to your taste or the style of your home. Consider what type of doors you want in your home such as standard doors of different materials, folding doors, bi-folding doors, sliding doors, swinging doors, French doors, or storm doors.

Your Lifestyle

Believe it or not, your lifestyle may also influence the type of interior doors and exterior doors that you choose. For example, if you have a very noisy family and would like to keep some of that noise confined to certain rooms then it is best to use solid-core doors as opposed to hollow-core, as the hollow-core will help to transmit the sound whereas the solid-core will reduce it. If you or a member of your family uses a wheelchair then you may also need wider doors to accommodate easy movement of the chair through these doors.

When choosing interior doors and exterior doors there are a few things that you need to consider. The first thing that you should consider is your budget, different materials and styles of doors will be priced differently and you should see what you will be able to afford. You should also consider doors that fit with the overall style of your home, your lifestyle and personal preferences. Different types and materials of exterior doors and interior doors have different advantages and disadvantages and are best used in different areas.

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