• Retractable awnings cover as much ground as you need them to, and are mounted on the wall so they are out of the way. When you're done with the awning, you can simple retract it back into its coil by cranking or pressing a button (if it's electric). Retractable awnings come in many different shapes and designs to choose from.
  • Automatic awnings are the most popular and are used mostly on windows. At the press of a button, you can adjust the awning to go up or down, letting in as much light as you desire.
  • Straight Drop awnings are used for outdoor roofed areas, such as a gazebo or patio. You can purchase either spring loaded or geared straight drop awnings, which ever you might prefer when pulling them down for use.
  • Freestanding awnings create a gazebo effect in your backyard. It is fabric stretched out over a metal or plastic frame, which will hold the awning up while you enjoy a nice day underneath it.
  • Fixed Guide awnings can be manually or automatically operated, and has a frame that is permanently fixed. The awning rolls down the frame when you want it open, and rolls back up when you don't.
  • These are just a few examples of different types of awnings. There are still many to choose from, each one having a different way of operation and purpose. To find out more types of awnings, click here.

    As you can see, there are many different types of awnings to choose from, and each is installed a different way. Hiring a contractor who is reliable and skilled to get the job done will assure you a successful awning installation.

    By using TrustedPros, you can find a contractor who will fit all of your awning needs. Simply post an ad describing the awning type you have in mind, and let the contractors who are in your area come to you. Conversely, you can look through different profiles of contractors and find two or three you think are best and call them for quotes.

    Although, TrustedPros will help you find the right individual, it is important to keep a couple things in mind when hiring a contractor for any job.

    • Liability coverage is a must for all contractors. If a contractor does not have coverage, you could be paying for any accidents and damage that happens on your property, which could get costly. Save yourself the havoc and have the contractor show you a proof of coverage form.
    • As a new law, all contractors must have Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage, which protects you from any work stoppage or injury liability to the contractor on the job. Be extra cautious when hiring someone to protect yourself and your financial assets. It is extremely important a contractor has this, so again, ask to see a proof of coverage.
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