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General Contracting Projects in Victoria

Ever wonder what you're neighbours are doing to improve their homes? Discover what other Victoria homeowners have planned for their General Contracting projects by reading the details of their request for quotes below.

In total, TrustedPros has received 27 General Contracting projects posted by homeowners in Victoria seeking the services of local General Contractors. Total estimated value of these projects is $1,217,000.00 with a per project average of $45,074.00.

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Projects By Victoria Homeowners

Construct lunchroom, update bathrooms, carpet office

1. Construct a 6X8 foot lunch room in existing warehouse unit. Require eating area for 2 people (cafe counter type setup), deep sink with faucet in minimum 36 inch wide cabinet, hot and cold water, 1 door, 1 window, electrical outlets for coffee machine and microwave, and adequate lighting. There is currently no drainage or water in the area that the lunch room is to be located. Location will be near (within 8 or 10ft) but not backing onto an existing bathroom, therefore part of the existing floor will need to be demolished in order to tie into the existing bathroom drain. The floor is concrete. The lunchroom floor must be sealed or finished in linoleum.

2. Bathroom #1 -Replace one wall mounted sink (with faucet) in bathroom, and replace/repair innards of toilet tank.

Bathroom #2 -Replace one wall mounted sink with a sink (and faucet) in 24 inch cabinet base.

3. Replace carpet in office with carpet or laminate (high traffic area) must be durable. 14.5 X 23 ft.

Building date:1976

Landlord has agreed to renovations. Permits not applied for.

Would like to complete project by Mid Jan 2010.

Posted By: Annemarie | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Dining, Living, Hallway and Laundry Update/Remodelling Project

The house is a total of 1250 sq ft. Built in 1978. We wish to utilize as much of the existing space as possible by removing the current wood fireplace front in living room and putting a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. We then would like to modernize the interior living space to reflect today's interior styles.

We are looking for a construction company who is capable of completing the work containd below.

High Level Work Statement


Remove linoleum flooring and install laminate flooring

Corner round molding between floor and cabinets

Replace baseboards as required to match rest of house

Paint walls and ceiling

Dining room

Remove popcorn ceiling

Remove carpet and install laminate flooring

Paint walls and ceiling

New baseboards

Remove sliding glass doors. Install one sliding glass and one french doors.

Living Room

Remove old fireplace/hearth and drywall opening.(inside only)

Create corner fireplace unit (electric, half height)

Remove popcorn ceiling

Remove carpet and install laminate flooring

Paint walls and ceiling

New baseboards

Frame in sliding glass door to be same size and shape as other living room window.

New windows installed

Wall mounting and hookup for wall mounted TV unit

Laundry Room

Electric panel (molding to cover holes left by electrician)

Storage area under stairs

Floor needs fixing (hole where fireplace used to be)


Reseal front door.

Address back door issues.

Carpets on stairs?

We know what we want although we have not selected the materials (windows, moulding, flooring, etc) We would like the job completed prior to Christmas so a quick start and finish is required. We can move all the furniture out of the lower floor but will continue to reside in the upper floor during reno. If you have further questions, please call number after hours or leave a message and I wll return your call. You must have references to apply.

Posted By: Karen | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

House expansion be enclosing, new kitchen, renovate kitchen, bathrooms, new laundry, new entrance, two new doors, new floors

Lower floor work

1. New windows on wall under the wall with the fireplace on the main floor

a. may require repositioning of the current electrical panel

b. may require repositioning on the power meter, cable and phone utilities;

2. New wall to enclose the existing open space and extend 3 feet forward

a. foundations

b. walls

c. windows as many as technically possible

d. entrance door/entrance

e. siding

f. electrical

g. plumbing

3. New dividing wall and door to create 2 rooms at the place of the one, one to be kitchen

a. wall

b. door

c. electrical

d. plumbing in one of the rooms where the kitchen will be

e. ventilation for the one where the kitchen will be

4. Divide the existing laundry

a/ new wall

b/ new door

c/ plumbing

e/ electrical

5. New laundry complete install

a/ new wall

b/ new door

c/ plumbing/venting

e/ electrical

6. New dividing door for the entrance

7. Laminate floors everywhere except washroom and laundry roughly 680 sq.f.

8. Painting as needed

Main floor

1. Enclose and extend the covered deck as needed to match the lower floor

a. remove the existing wall and windows;

b. install new wall and windows;

c. electrical

2. Hardwood floor in the family room, dining room, new office space and the living room and hallways roughly 953sq.f.

a. remove the existing floor;

b.install excellent sound proofing barrier

3. Tiles in the kitchen

a. remove the existing floor;

b. sound proofing

4. refresh the kitchen

a. reshape the counter to follow the wall up to the window;

b. new counter and sink;

c. new appliances

d. current sink to go downstairs;

e. fridge to go downstairs

f. cabinets design to stay, extend to the top with no empty space

g. new lights if/as needed;

5. refresh the mast bathroom with new counter, shower cabin and as needed.

a. fix the window, may have some humidity issue with the window frame

b/new fan

c/ new double sink counter and shower;

6. refresh the second bathroom

7. painting

Posted By: Ivo | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Kitchen & Bathroom remodels

The budget estimate is only for those elements covered in the description as specific to the contractor and does not include the flooring, cabinetry, counter tops or materials. Negotiable obviously.

2 Bdrm 2 Bath condo, Quadra and bay area - 970 sq ft.

We are looking for a contractor to advise and coordinate elements of this reno to begin in a month or two, as soon as practical.

Flooring ( lino) and carpeting will be replaced throughout the condo by Home Depot/Rona type folks. They will also coordinate new kitchen counters. A company will reface the kitchen cabinets.

The contractor will help with coordinating and/or performing:

1) Removal of a partial partition, non-load bearing wall in the kitchen area, that has phone lines and electric lines. Capping said wall at waist level to allow counter top to be placed on top (the wall is a right angle V shape adjacent to the end of the current counters.)

2) Coordinate and or perform the repair to the ceiling this removal will cause, plus addition of pot lights over new counter tops.

3) Removal of old vanities in both bathrooms together with new toilets and mirror cabinets. In guest bathroom the possible removal of tub to be replaced with shower stall, making room for additional storage space (cabinet? shelving?)

4) some baseboard replacement and framing in moulding around closets.

Posted By: Robert | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Kitchen Renovation

I need to repaint the kitchen, replace floor and cabinetry/counter top and install a dishwasher. Size of kitchen~ 10.5x14ft/ height= 7.5ft.

If things work out well I would then need to paint and replace floor in the rest of the house [~1200 sqft] but this should be subject to another estimate.

Posted By: dan | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

New 2 pc bathroom .

Wish to add a small bathroom . The location will be in the front of house. In the foyer area. (South east corner of house) Have to frame one wall. install a two piece , run water pipe from front of property aprox. 12 feet away . Install a small electric hot water heater for point of use ? Existing Hot water tank is at back north east corner of house . Sewer connection is at back of house (North east corner as well) , sewer line is to go out of house at front behind new toilet and down driveway and conect to sewer ? There is a suite and gas force air ducts . Or use a macerating unit ? Instead of running sewer line ?

Thank you.

Posted By: Tino | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

New siding and skirting/windows/small porch addition/extend deck and cover/level mobile home

Double wide trailer/1200 sq ft, vinyl siding/require new windows all around/built in 1973.

Entire mobile home sits on concrete pad and needs to be leveled first. Steel beams 3 feet in from outside of skirting/easily accessable. would like to see a quote asap and start work asap.

Posted By: Gary | Budget: Uncertain

Rec Room Finishing

Refinish an approx. 19X7 foot room including lowering of celing, levelling of sloped floor, wall unit, storage closet, new exterior door, carpeting and tiling of floor, installation of pony wall, associated electrical (lighting, base board heating, outlets).

Details include:

Job Preparation

• removal and disposal of existing carpet, doors, lino etc


• Interior floor leveling with 2X6 and plywood (19X7 former garage / room with approx. 8 inch slope)

Framing / Structure

• Drywall new framed pony wall (approximately 80 inches long by 3 or 4 feet high

• Drop ceiling approx 2'

• Rebuild stairs (2 stairs high) to accommodate new floor We&squot;re not sure if we want carpet on the stairs or tile •€• is there a cost difference and if yes, how much?

• Rough-in for pocket door

• Build storage area near stairs, we would like the area to have wardrobe-style opening (two outswing doors), to conceal a bottom drawer and 6 storage cubes above (3 rows of two cubes). Area to go from floor level to bottom of window frame (5 feet high, and approx. 30 inch X 30 inch).

Exterior Doors & Windows

• Supply and Install one new insulated steel exterior exterior door

Rough Electrical

• Remove existing wall mount heater and reinstall new low voltage/energy baseboard at front wall (entry)

• Supply and install 6 potlights-4 in main tv space on a dimmer- 2 at entry on separate switch. Would like location of switches for the 2 lights over entry to be on the same wall as the pocket door.

• Supply and install new electrical plug at wall mount (tv height) and potential move one plug from behind new wall cabinet

- Would be interested in putting accent lighting in cabinets, depending on cost.

• Would like an electrical outlet placed in south end of crawl space for a freezer


• Insulate wood framed floor

• Insulate foundation wall at new framing (approx. 7 feet by 3 feet)

Walls & Ceilings

• repair all failing joints at all walls in room (approx. 3 to do)

• New drywall at new framed built out wall to hide concrete (7 by 3 feet approx.)

Tile & Special Finishes

• Supply and Install Tile entry area (approx. 5X4 feet)

Finish Carpentry

• Supply and install new baseboard trim-Fir- 80ln ft

• Supply and Install one pocket door

• remove existing door to crawl space, cut down to match new floor level and re-install

Cabinets & Countertops

• TV wall Cabinet (8 x 7 approx. with 4 cupboards on top row, flat screen tv area between 2 bookshelves for middle row, 1 cupboard, 2 stereo component shelves and 1 drawer in center, and 2 drawers on right of bottom row)


• Paint ceiling and walls, door and trim


• Supply and install new carpet on 2 stairs, and area approx. 10X7

Posted By: Graham | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Remove stipple/popcorn, patch and paint ceiling.

I just bought a 1987 townhouse and I'm looking for someone that will remove the stipple/ popcorn on the ceiling, smooth and patch where needed and paint the ceiling. About 400 sq ft of popcorn to remove and about 600 sq ft to paint (the ceiling in the powder room and kitchen is already smooth but still needs paint).

Depending on cost ( I have no idea how much this type of thing costs) I might also consider doing the second floor too.

Posted By: Tahna | Budget: Uncertain

Reno. New addition that wasnt originally done properley.The room wasnt insulated. its below a deck. Basement suite.

Remove drywall/stucco ceiling, Need to Insulate, vapour barrier, redrywall/stucco. Approx 300sq.f. Also there is nothing blocking wind from going up under the eves and between the deck and drywall. Need to be blocked in or sealed off between the rafters. Would just like a rough estimate so we have some idea what it will cost House was made in 70's.

Posted By: Mat | Budget: Uncertain

Renovation of a rancher in Victoria BC

We have an older 850 square feet rancher in central Victoria BC which needs an update and the works shall be completed during May 3013.

The project includes:

-removing a part of the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen;

-removing the old kitchen cabinets (2.30 linear metres)

-alteration of the kitchen window to a french door (the with of the door to match the with of the existing window)

-removing the tub and the floor tiles in the bathroom (very small bathroom) and preparing the surface for a shower stall ( installing the tiles around the shower stall ) and the floor.

changing the bedroom window and the living room windows;

installing the laminate throughout the house

painting the interior and exterior of the house

We would appreciate estimates for this project.

Thank you for expressing your interest.

Posted By: Besime | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Update the house, from drab to fab.

Renovation of Main Bath, Install TWO skylights. Build deck of dinning room, install lower windows, Build a mud room off back stairs.. Install wood floors on back steps to basement, complete kitchen floor project. install GAS fitted stove (requires gas line up to kitchen EASY)

A few others to be discussed upon those viewing.

Posted By: Karen | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000