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While carpet rolls abound in home improvement stores, and they sell all of the tools necessary to lay it yourself, carpet installation is trickier than it looks. Carpet contractors know the tricks of the trade, have the experience to get the job done right and leave the room looking as good or better than your visions. Consider the following:

  • Many homes have rooms with awkward corners or hard to accommodate tight spaces when it comes to installing carpet. If your rooms are outside of normal sizes or have stairs and closets to work with, look for a contractor with successful reviews, and lots of experience.
  • Although you cannot see it with many patterns and textures, all carpet has a "grain" to it. When butting pieces together the grain must run the same way or the seam will be very visible. Carpet contractors know this and know how to accommodate your layout to hide seams and mismatched grains.
  • Going to a home improvement store can give you ideas of what is available and will help you learn a bit about carpet, but the good carpeting professionals will work with you to take into account the look and feel you desire, traffic patterns and wear. They can explain the durability of different carpets and help you avoid the hassles of too many choices with too little knowledge. When you've made your selection they will then come to your doorstep with all the materials and tools, ready to do the work for you.

Being able to customize your carpet design and layout the carpet will add design and comfort to your home, along with helping you stay in your budget and time frame.

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