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Whatever your closet purpose and needs may be, with the help of custom closet organization you'll never have to find yourself in a rush, only to be held up by the dreaded closet jumble. Custom closets put everything at your fingertips and make life so much easier. If you do a little pre-planning, you'll get everything you need in a closet. Consider the following tips:

  • If your closet is being used by a woman, you may want higher rods to accompany any longer dresses or garments. If the closet is for men's purposes, you may want two levels of rods as men don't have too many long garments. This doubles up on space. Also, adjustable closets would be most ideal for a closet for a child. That way as they grow, so can your organizational shelves to fit their clothing needs.
  • Closets come in many shapes and sizes. Whatever size shape and style closet you have in mind, a contractor with good closet experience, will be able to achieve the look and organization you desire. Click here to look at different closet styles and ideas.
  • If your closet needs to be handicapped accessible, then you'll need to hire a contractor who has the know-how and experience of building movable shelves, wider areas to move around in and wide doors.
  • Custom closets designed for cleaning products, linens, jewelry, shoes or food will of course offer you organizational items for each specific use.

Whatever your custom closet needs may be, using TrustedPros to help find the right contractor is quick and easily. You can do this one of two ways. You can either post an ad with a description of your project right here on this site or let the contractors come to you, or you can scroll through contractor's profiles and select several contractors to call directly. Either way it is a good way to find someone you can trust enough to come into your home.

Even though TrustedPros will be an easy and safe way to find a contractor, there are couple things you need to keep in mind before hiring someone:

  • Liability coverage is very important for you to make sure a contractor has before you hire that individual. Any accidents that happen to or on your property can easily be left up to you to fix and write a check for without this valuable coverage. Make sure you see a visible copy or confirm their liability coverage before hiring any contractor for any job.
  • Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage is a new mandatory insurance all contractors and their sub-contractors are required to have before beginning any job. This covers them should they be hurt on your property. If you hire someone directly taking additional steps to verify a contractor has valid and in force coverage can protect you from an inspection mandated work stoppage and fines.

Most custom closet installations go off without a hitch. If you do a little pre-planning or can communicate your desires to your contractor they should be able to offer you suggestions and options you may not know about. Listen to their expertise, get a few quotes and options and you'll get the closet you desire...and put an end to the "closet gremlins".

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