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We at Lex-Coat provide the ONLY "LIFE-TIME" roofing solution on the market. This includes two visits a year, for cleaning scuppers and drains. this service goes for as long as the building stands. Our roofing systems provide you with 35% min. energy savings for your cooling needs, 25% of your savings for your heating needs,  read more...

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924 Talbot St., Maidstone ON N0R 1K0

7 Customer Reviews

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1.1 1.1

AMG Specialty Coatings began operations in 1987 and has received 7 reviews for an overall customer rating of 1.1. The average rating for businesses providing similar services in the Maidstone area is 1.1. Write a review

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Main Services Offered

Roofing, Structural Engineering,


AMG Specialty Coatings has received employee and/or sub-contractor complaints

Complaints Filed By Employees and/or Sub-Contractors
Name: Phil, Received: 1/11/2015 12:00:00 AM

Complaint: I was an employee of AMG Specialty Coating/Lex-Coat. Torsten Klasens Roofing Business is a total scam.

I was a salesman for his company and attempted to hire him on several occasions for potential customers. ll attempts failed du to bad business practices on Torstens behalf.

He collects large deposits, often in the tenth of thousand of Dollars and cashes cheques up to 20,000 Dollars at Money Mart, so as to avoid paying taxes. He told me that this money can not be traced by the federal Government, as there is a non audit clause written within the Tax law and Audit laws......

Torsten had already a number of judgements against him on several occasions for many of thousands of Dollars.

The latest judgement near the end of 2014.

It seems however, that Torsten never paid back a penny to those he defrauded, because either he goes bankrupt or never keeps a Dollar in his Bank Account.

That's where Money Mart comes in handy......

Torsten was evicted many tomes out of many residential and business locations for non payment of rent and utilities.

And I'm talking big, big money......

The courts never really enforce back pay, Torsten always got away with it, and he is totally aware of it......He actually bragged about it to me many times. To him it is a big JOKE...

He never completed a roof which was successful.....On the contrary.....every roof sustained large damages after he was through with it.....Ask him for references and actually visit the building and inspect the roof...also talk to the building owner.....

Torsten commits fraud against many people and belongs in jail....who knows, I might be able to make this possible one day.

I have all kinds of stuff against him that should land him in jail

One of the above reviews was written by my wife Amina and Torsten, which is my brother responded to it.

He writes that he wants to take us to court for

He write that he never had any dealings or business with my wife Amina......

He forgot that he hired her to mix toxic paints by the hundreds of gallons with pain thinners, paid her by cheque and the cheque bounced.....He wrote me a cheque too, and it bounced....I still have the bounced cheques.......

He forgot that my wife and I relocated from Brampton to Windsor to work with him, and how he defrauded us and after I resigned my position with him, how he stalked us for 8 months, day and night.......How i sustained damages to our house and property as well as car damages. He forgot how often I called the police on him, with no proof who committed these crimes against us.

We secretly moved and he found us, wrote me an email that I can't hide from him and how we had more damages. We then relocated back to the Toronto area without him knowing and he found us again.

We moved again and and now is is asking the whole world as to where we live.......Torsten is a psychopath

Here is his latest Christmas wish to all of his friends which was posted on his timeline on facebook...and notice how he can't spell. He makes similar spelling mistakes in most of his advertisement as well as in his infamous warrantee.

Torsten Klasen

December 1 at 7:10pm

I have enemy's and I will always have enemy's. And this is because "I do stand up for what is right"

So for those of you that do not like me for who I am or what I stand for "FUCK OFF AND DIE" Is that plain English enough for you.

I will not and will never forget a single individual that has crossed my path for selfish and greedy reasons, you are all on my Fucking Naughty Bastard List. And I am comming for you and not just for retribution, but for stinking simple revenge of the highest regard. Loock the fuck out you pricks.

Once too many times have you taken advantage of this guy. Glives are off yiu fucks, you know who you are.

Merry Fucking HoHo.

Nice...Would you want to do business with this friendly fellow ?

Best wishes to everyone who reads this


If anyone has any questions

File a complaint against AMG Specialty Coatings

Overview Continued


We at Lex-Coat provide the ONLY "LIFE-TIME" roofing solution on the market. This includes two visits a year, for cleaning scuppers and drains. this service goes for as long as the building stands.

Our roofing systems provide you with 35% min. energy savings for your cooling needs,

25% of your savings for your heating needs,

100% savings on your maintenance needs.

no more expansion or contraction

no disposal

no smells

no fumes

no torching

no tar

environmentally friendly

no materials to the dump

drops roof temperature by 100 degrees

drops the inside temperature by 12-15 degrees

seamless applications

600 per sq/ft extra streangth

0% in - hoouse payment plans for up to five (5) years. NO CREDIT CHECKS!!!

costs less than conventional systems

100% transferrable

performance contract included

reduces 10 tons of co2 for every 1000 sq/ft installed

pay back in as little as 3-5 years

make 20% on your money for life in your own building

air-conditioners will last 8-10 years longer

Canadian Made!!!!!!!!!!!

Pay as little as $ 1.50 sq/ft to get the whole system installed

designed to go over all pea gravel, modified, built up, torch down, concrete, T.P.O.

We are the exclusive manufacturers and installers for our products.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Torsten Klasen , Annemarie
Alternate Phone Numbers 519-919-1956,
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2010
Residential work No
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 1987
Offers financing Yes
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Incorporated
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Insurance information Contact AMG Specialty Coatings to request insurance details.

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