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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: May 10 2014

from Oshawa

Re-Surfaced Front Porch and Renov Main Floor Bathroom

Last summer we had our crumbling cement front porch re-surfaced...and it was a very big job that included digging out the front garden and retaining wall, installing a drainage system, waterproofing and finally recovering with beautiful stone. It was a huge job, in he heat of the summer but we were so impressed by entire project that we had them back to quote on our main floor bath room last month. We had the bathroom gutted due to some mold and water issues and the fact that it was original to 1964...we now have a beautiful, functional, safe bathroom and are just in awe of the quality of work. The workmanship is second to none, we have no complaints, he is meticulous to every detail and was amazing with his ideas to fit not only our budget but also our tastes. New plumbing, fixtures, drywall, ceiling exhaust fan, pot lights, a gorgeous custom vanity and cupboards, new tub etc...and its all beautiful! His quote was more than fair, and the completed project was within the estimate, He pays special attention of little details and while here was very willing to complete odd jobs that we also needed help with like fixing a sump pump, and crawling around our attic to install baffles for ventilation. We have a number of small jobs hes coming back to do shortly, like installing a steel door in the mud room, and a fan system in the kitchen and we will not hesitate to have him do the complete reno on our basement this fall.

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rating 4.5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 4 Cleanliness 4 Budget 5 Communication 4 Courteous 5
Posted: Mar 10 2014

from Brampton

Basement Bathroom Remodelling

Brush Works Renos provides very professional services, at exceptionally reasonable pricing. If you need a good general contractor, who can handle most of the work around the home, Brush Works Renos can't be topped. Added to that, this is a company that you can trust to work unsupervised, freeing you up to manage your daily responsibilities. Renovations and remodelling is typically quite stressful, and they make it as hassle free as it can be. I would highly recommend them.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Oct 18 2013

from Bowmanville

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Brush Works Renos has recently completed the renovation of our kitchen, powder room, main and ensuite baths, and front hall. It is impossible to say how thrilled we are with the results.

Gilles had previously done work for us in Bowmanville, and so when we decided that our new home needed work, he was the first person we called, even though Bowmanville is 100 km from where we now live.

This was a larger project than our previous one, but it only confirmed our high regard for Gilles both personally and professionally. His own work is meticulous, and he demands the same high standards of the suppliers he works with. His kitchen supplier, for instance, was terrific. The people there helped us design a kitchen that we still can't believe is ours.

Gilles was very efficient in coordinating the kitchen installation so that the cabinets went in almost the moment that he had completed the preparatory work - and the countertop, just a couple of days after that. It was Gilles - not us - who noticed that some of the cupboards were missing the correct hinges. He got the replacement hinges from the supplier and offered to install them for us.

Gilles gutted our main bath and then retiled, replaced everything, and repainted. It is now the tiny perfect retreat of my dreams.

Likewise, the ensuite bath. Gilles installed a new whirlpool tub and did a lovely job of retiling the floor and tub enclosure. We had an electrician run a new electrical circuit for the tub, but, again, Gilles did everything he could to coordinate with the electrician and make his work as straightforward as possible.

Installing the whirlpool meant having to rip out part of the wall and ceiling in the powder room below. Gilles re-drywalled the holes, and the patches are undetectable, however carefully you search for them.

I should mention that we learned in the course of the renovation how shabbily built this place is. Gilles fixed whatever he ran into along the way that required fixing - and even though there is no cure for no square corner in the place, he played with the tile placement and sight lines to minimize these imperfections. His tiling in our front hall is just a masterpiece and a fine representation of this.

Gilles completed our renovations beautifully in almost exactly a month. In previous homes, projects that were of similar complexity, with other contractors, lingered for three to seven times longer than that.

We would not hesitate to recommend Gilles or to use his services again. I've mentioned his meticulous work, but again this time, we were grateful for his professionalism, his thoughtful suggestions and solutions, and his sense of humour.

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rating 1.5
Quality of Work 1 Timeliness 1 Cleanliness 2 Budget 3 Communication 1 Courteous 1
Posted: Jul 30 2013

from Whitby

New Basement Renovation

Hiring Brush Works Renos was an absolute regret and mistake. The amount of $ and time that my wife and I have wasted is insurmountable and lost as "sunk costs". For someone that gleefully advertises on his truck that he was featured on Oprah Winfrey's Million Dollar Neighborhoods show, his amateur workmanship and unprofessional conduct leaves much to be desired. Even his assistant was left flabbergasted at his finishing and I have numerous pictures if anyone wishes to contact me. I wouldn't want another honest person to be taken advantage of for their hard earned $. His sanding, mudding, and painting job in the basement is pathetic. Tape, scuffs, dents on the drywall are all visible. (Yes that's right; tape wasn't sanded properly in several places before he painted). He has no concept of perpendicular angles. I have an entire wall that is crooked that needs to be ripped out and re-built to correct the faulty wall angles. Two boxes covering duct work are NOTICEABLY irregular in shape. I later found out from his assistant that he hired a professional 3rd party to do the mudding and taping on his last basement. I wish he had the same 3rd party come in for my basement because his finishing touch is non-existent. Furthermore, my entire bathroom needs to be gutted and rebuilt since he did such a horrendous tiling job in the shower. When he was initially building the shower and laying down tiles I noticed that some tiles were popping out and their layout was jumbled in placement with no care whatsoever for angles or proper symmetry. When I asked him to fix it he yelled at me and stated verbatim "I am sick and tired of being here". In retrospect I should have kicked him out and taken my issues to small claims court. He later apologized and agreed to fix it. We patiently waited for the finished product after grouting. What we are left with now however is A SHOWER THAT DOESN'T DRAIN. Water sits in the middle of the base, and tiles are still popping out on all 3 walls. I demanded $ back at the end of the job and explicitly told him that we will be re-doing the bathroom. He agreed to give $1500 back while proclaiming that I would never find a better basement bathroom. He even threatened to take us to court (which I should have agreed to at the time). Let's see if the 5MB photo limit on this site can allow multiple pictures to be uploaded - you can judge for yourselves. Oh and by the way, after installing and painting the bathroom drywall and tile, he FORGOT to account for the piping behind the walls for the toilet. So he had to break through the walls in order to connect the piping after the fact. So I now have a brand new Kohler toilet installed with virtually no pressure to flush with. What else...the laminate flooring has badly buckled to such an extent that I cannot open the doors in my basement. The doors hit the buckled floors and can't open! He didn't account for the 1/4 inch expansion gap for the flooring and now I have buckling in 3 locations throughout the basement. I called him up and asked him to take a look at it since his contract guarantees quality workmanship. He agreed to come and take a look at it but never bothered calling back - which has forced me to write this review. I also have my fireplace gas shut off valve on top of my support beams in the basement. This guy restricted access to the gas shut off valve by entirely enclosing it underneath the drywall!!! When I asked him if he was going to enable access as he had originally promised, he sarcastically responded with "Do you really want to have access to it"? What he left me with is in the attached photo. An irregular cutting through the drywall with a vent cover placed over top of the jagged hole. Notice that he sanded off the edge off the vent cover that was hanging over the edge of the duct work. In all honesty I could add a few more issues to this feedback review but I digress. Stay away. This has been a nightmare.

*Update October 2013: I uploaded 2 pictures clearly depicting the severe buckling across the flooring (with a level laid across the floor - see attached pics), and the direct impact against the french doors. Still no follow-up from Brushworks. No mention of it either in their rebuttal apart from the picture they uploaded of the doors and flooring immediately after their installation. Also, their apprentice was assigned to finish shelving and building a wine rack. The apprentice "subcontracted" the wine rack build to his teenage girlfriend. The finished product was a joke and we refused to pay for it.*

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Brush Works Renos Response:

I can't believe this is what it comes to . I went out of my way to do everything in my power to please these people . I went over and beyond what was ask in the original contract. I built three walls a bedroom a closet a post covering everything he wanted. Then two days three days later ask me to remove them they changed there mind where they wanted them . I did this without complaining and rebuild them without extra cost. He would tell us this basement belongs in a magazine . Then he complains about it at the final payment . Seriously after being there for over a month and constantly being delayed from them I gave them back 1500 after they said they wanted 3500 back.Just to be done with them .I work with my customers the best the I can and i take pride in my work . They wanted me to do the work with all the extras I did for nothing and i did not ask for any more money they constantly were trying to get money back. I do not overcharge for my work and I give an honest day in I do not cut corners . This is my first customer that has been so negative I guess there is no pleasing some people . I even gave them my apprentice after to help them save money and they tried to hold money back from him . They also changed there mind on two things he built and had him rebuild it .

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Mar 19 2013

from Newmarket

Basement Renovation

We are extremely pleased with our recent basement renovation completed by Gilles.

His approach from quote to completion was easy going and collaborative. The entire process was well planned. He came when expected often working late into the day to ensure everything was on track. Gilles' skill and experience was evident and much appreciated, often making suggestions along the way which ultimately surpassed our expectations. We would highly recommend Gilles for any renovation project.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Nov 12 2012

from Ajax

Main Floor Renovation

Gilles renovated the main floor of my three bedroom bungalo. He gutted and rewired the existing kitchen and bathroom. He re-surfaced walls, installed new floors, doors, trim, pot lights and new light fixtures.

From the get go, his quote was much better priced than the other contractors. My first impression was great, very good prices, punctual, professional, friendly and very likeable. Throughout the entire 3-4wk renovation, my first impression just got better and better. He was excellent at managing his timeline, the choices of materials, paint colour and suggestions were on par with my own and I'm very picky and very much a perfectionist.

The renos exceeded my expctations and I will definitely be calling on Gilles the next time I have home upgrades. I can recommend Gilles without reservation, his workmanship and professionalism is top notch.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Sep 17 2012

from Bowmanville

Basement Renovation

I would highly recommend hiring Gilles for any home renovation project. Gilles is a professional in every sense of the word, an amazingly hard and dedicated worker, you will not regret hiring him. My basement renovation is beautiful, Gilles is a detail oriented man and you can be sure the work will be done beyond your expectations.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Jun 19 2012

from Pickering

Front Foyer Ceramic Flooring and Mirror Sliding Doors

Giles renovated our front foyer of the home, by installing ceramic flooring and mirror sliding doors.

I cannot say enough good about both the workmanship and work ethic that he employs. He helped by suggesting flooring and design ideas, that looked gorgeous upon their completion. A pleasure to have had GIles working in my home. The work was completed in two days, just as promised, and the foyer has gotten so many compliments as it is now a beautiful entranceway into our home. Will definitely be calling on him again to do more renovations in our home, without hesitation, as Giles is the true definition of a highly skilled contractor.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Feb 21 2012

from Bowmanville

Bathroom Renovation

Gilles did a whole lot of finicky work for us. In one of our baths, he reconstructed and tiled a shower, redid the plumbing, and replaced the vanity and toilet. He then tiled a second bath and replaced its toilet, and, finally, he replaced the bath fittings and redid some of the drywall in a third bath. His work was absolutely meticulous, and he had really creative solutions for any of the issues that arose. We couldn't believe how quickly and how beautifully he completed everything. And he was such a pleasure to deal with! We would unhesitatingly recommend Brush Works, and we will definitely use Gilles again if our new home requires any type of renovation.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Feb 17 2012

from Bowmanville

Basement Renovation

We had our unfinished basement finished and we are so impressed with the outcome. We had a living room, hallway and powder room put in. Everything was completed on time and Gilles was very easy to communicate with. He gave some great suggestions on design to make the basement look amazing. We highly recommend him for home renovations. We have attached some photos of the basement

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rating 4.8
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 4 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Sep 22 2011

from Oshawa

Basement Renovation

I live in Oshawa, On and I had Gilles renovate my basement all-purpose room into a powder room and a laundry room. He did a fantastic job on both rooms and I am extremely pleased with them. People who see them for the first time are literally blown away. Gilles is a wonderful craftsman who takes pride in his work. He has great ideas and is a pleasure to have working in the home. I was so pleased with his workmanship that subsequently I had him redesign my existing patio and also cover my existing concrete foundation with his own stonework, all around the exterior of my home. Once again his workmanship was exemplary and I am very pleased with the result. He is very reasonable in his pricing and I would highly recommend him to potential clients. I will certainly retain his services without question for any future projects.

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Company Overview

Brush Works Renos Logo

Let Brush Works Renos bring your home improvement ideas to life. With over 20 years experience in home renovations and three generations of carpentry skills past down, we know how to bring a fresh new look into your living space along with a creative touch that is sure to please.

We do more than just specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basements, we can also turn your landscape and outdoor living area into a tranquil haven. So why just hire anyone when you can hire a professional to do it right the first time.

Our work is guaranteed and we are willing to work with you to provide hourly or interest free payment schedules that fit your budget. You can expect nothing short of quality as we work closely with you to ensure a seamless project from start to finish. The customers needs always come first with Brush Works Renos because we listen to you.

Free Estimates Referals giving upon request!


Services Offered

Basement Renovations

Basements starting at $13,0000 fully finished insulated with r 14 roxul, 12 potlights painted and carpeted.We also do full basement kitchens and bathrooms as well as subfloors and laminate flooring. Custom bars or theater rooms whatever your needs are.

Other services offered:

Bathroom Renovations, Carpentry, Caulking, Ceiling, Concrete Work, Drywalling, Flooring, Framing, General Contracting, Handyman Services, Kitchen Renovations, Masonry, Painting, Plastering, Siding, Stonework, Tiling, Windows and Door

Location and Coverage Area

Address: 123 Jennings Dr, Bowmanville ON L1C 0B8 | Service area: 80KM

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: Yes Legal structure: Sole Proprietor

Commercial work: No Accepts credit cards: No Year started: 2004

Offers financing: Yes Employees: 3

Main Contact(s): Gilles Bonneau

Licensing Information: Contact Brush Works Renos to request licensing info.

Insurance Information: Contact Brush Works Renos to request insurance details.

Check local laws pertaining to license requirements and verify license and insurance details provided by the contractor prior to hiring.

4.6 rating
4.6 / 5 from 11 Reviews | Write a Review
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Quality of Work Quality 4.6
Timeliness Timeliness 4.5
Cleanliness Cleanliness 4.6
Stayed on Budget Budget 4.8
Communication Communication 4.5
Courteous Courteous 4.6
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