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Calgary Hydronics Solutions

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Company Overview

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We found a lack of experience in boiler/hydronic related service people in the Calgary area. We have done our home work and have worked in the boiler/hydronic field for 20 years. From simple consulting services to new home builders or home buyers, we can offer some insight into the condition of the mechanical heating systems in the house. And alternatives for repair and replacement.

As well we service and repairs all makes of boilers and should the need arise we will recommend replacement. And with the "GreeN" push evident now, we take strides in installing the most reliable and energy efficient home heating appliances on the market.


Services Offered

Energy Inspections, Floor Heating, Heating & Air Conditioning, Hot Tubs, Property Maintenance

Location and Coverage Area

Address: Mobile Service Rd, Calgary AB T2Z 1X4 | Service area: 80KM

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: Yes Legal structure: Sole Proprietor

Commercial work: Yes Accepts credit cards: Yes Year started: 2005

Offers financing: No Employees: 3

Main Contact(s): James Rolfe

Licensing Information: Licensing information available upon request

Insurance Information: Insurance information available upon request

Check local laws pertaining to license requirements and verify license and insurance details provided by the contractor prior to hiring.

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