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DoubleDutch Ltd. specializes in custom commercial, institutional, and retail cabinet, countertop and casework installation. With a focus on new installation of both metal/wood cabinets, countertops (flat-lay laminate, stainless steel, epoxy), DoubleDutch also offers general carpentry, custom work and repair servic read more...

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Box 9 Site 9 Rr2, Carstairs AB T0M 0N0

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Main Services Offered

Cabinetry and Millwork

Offering complete install and project management for wood and metal casework and architectural millwork for schools, offices, commercial, retail, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, including specialty custom items such as bars, wall paneling, laminate and custom re-fit.


Experience in all types of counter tops, both install and custom manufacturing and refit. Installation of laminate counter tops, stainless steel counter tops and cabinets, epoxy counter tops. Repair and refit of laminate and epoxy counter tops.

Commercial Renovations

10 years experience in custom institutional and commercial projects including project management of large installs such as 5 floors of laboratory cabinet installation for the EEEL building on the University of Calgary campus.

Other Services Offered


Commercial application of baseboard, trim, wall paneling, specialty paneling, wood cabinets, metal cabinets, counter tops etc. Any type of architectural millwork installations including custom feature items.

Handyman Services

Installation of large custom and regular commercial interior doors in medical clincs, banks, dr. offices, and multi-residential.

Overview Continued

DoubleDutch Ltd. specializes in custom commercial, institutional, and retail cabinet, countertop and casework installation. With a focus on new installation of both metal/wood cabinets, countertops (flat-lay laminate, stainless steel, epoxy), DoubleDutch also offers general carpentry, custom work and repair services. DoubleDutch is a family owned enterprise that values and practices European craftsmanship.

We understand that the service we supply is a craft that requires attention to detail and creative problem solving. DoubleDutch Ltd. believes we can invest in people and provide clients with exceptional work via a team that is committed to seeing the job done with integrity and a desire to serve in a respectful, cost effective and cooperative way. Cabinet installation is often the last phase of a completed project, so we strive for a " deficiency free" installation.

In the past 10 years DoubleDutch Ltd has seen its workforce grow from a single journeyman to a team of full-time employees, and several sub-contractors. Our flexibility gives DoubleDutch Ltd the ability to handle large and complex projects, but small enough to give individualized and specialized attention to our customers. Our team offers many years of carpentry experience.

Laboratory projects

- Calgary Lab Services

- O'Brian Center

- Alberta Children s Hospital

- Health Research and Innovation Center

- Kinesiology

- Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

- Energy, Environment and Experimental Learning

Commercial projects

- Shoppers Drug Mart

- Joe Fresh

- Toyota Dealership

- Schools

- Theatres

- Dental and Doctor Offices

- American Eagle

- Super 8

Project Management

- Coordinate pre-install site visits to procure site dimensions, resolve layout issues and general review of site with an eye to prevent installation issues.

- Systematic online tracking and communication of site conditions that impact installation.

- Online communication regarding specific elevation issues or materials needed.

- Daily coordination of personnel, protocols and workflow to ensure work proceeds to meet established timelines while maintaining quality control

- Scheduling to receive delivery of product and coordinate necessary safe site storage and protection of product

- Daily and ongoing onsite discussion, scheduling & coordination with General Contractor and trades to resolve any integration issues

- Creatively resolve issues that are hindering work flow including purchase of necessary tools related to efficiency or network for solutions to unusual issues.

- Availability of workshop & tools to create, repair or recreate certain products to prevent re-order and thus allow work to proceed according to time lines.

- Maintaining quality control throughout install, providing essential documentation and communication throughout project.

Additional Information

Main contact(s): Bernice Vandervalk
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2012
Residential work: No
Commercial work: Yes
Accepts credit cards: No
Year established: 2001
Offers financing: No
24 Hour emergency service: No
Legal structure: Incorporated
Licensing information: Contact DoubleDutch Woodworking Ltd to request licensing info.
Insurance information: Contact DoubleDutch Woodworking Ltd to request insurance details.

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