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Full service general contractor offering new home builds and full house renovations & additions.

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Site 4, Box 2, R.R. 1, Millarville AB T0L 1K0

2 Customer Reviews

Rating of 1.5 / 5 from 2 Reviews

1.5 1.5

Dremar Contracting Ltd began operations in 2012 and has received 2 reviews for an overall customer rating of 1.5. The average rating for businesses providing similar services in the Millarville area is 1.5. Write a review

Overall Rating Summary

Quality of Work Quality 1.0
Timeliness Timeliness 1.0
Cleanliness Cleanliness 1.5
Budget Budget 1.0
Communication Communication 1.5
Courteous Courteous 3.0

Rating Distribution

Very Good

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Dremar Contracting Ltd has a TrustScore™ of 0.8. The average TrustScore™ for other businesses providing similar services in Millarville and the surrounding areas is 0.8. For detailed information on how TrustScore is calculated, click here.

TrustScore 0.8 / 5.0
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Customer Reviews Last 12 Months All Time
Total Received 0 3
Approved 0 2
Unverified 0 1
Suspicious 0 0
Overall Rating 1.5/5
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Complaints Received Last 12 Months Last 3 Years
Suppliers & Creditors 0 0
Employees & Sub-Contractors 0 2
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Posted License Information Not yet provided
Posted Liability Insurance Not yet provided
Posted Workers Compensation Not yet provided
Company Website No
Social Media Profiles Not yet provided
Endorsed by Peers Not yet endorsed
In Business Since 2012
Member of TrustedPros Since 2014

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Main Services Offered

Design Build, Home Additions, Home Construction,

Other Services Offered

Architectural Design, Commercial Renovations, Framing, General Contracting, Home Restoration


Dremar Contracting Ltd has received complaints from their suppliers and/or creditors and employee and/or sub-contractor complaints

Complaints Filed By Suppliers/Creditors
Name: kevin, Received: 12/12/2014 12:00:00 AM

Complaint: I own a small roofing company in Calgary, AB. "Troy Gallant" hired us to install a roof in Goodsoil, SK and another in Turtle Lake, SK in November and December 2013. At the time his company was called "Developments by Troy Gallant". Long story short, Troy still has a debt. This guy is a GOOF!

Complaints Filed By Employees and/or Sub-Contractors
Name: kyle, Received: 12/16/2015 12:00:00 AM

Complaint: This guy is a scam artist me and another guy worked for him and come payday we couldnt find him or get ahold of him we finished the job we where on and where supposed to go to another one the next day and the guy disappeared and all this just a week before Christmas your a cruel person troy or Raymond what ever your name is because of you three children dont have xmas presents and that truly brakes my heart don't know how you can sleep at night i hope your family has a good Christmas this year because you ruined my family's

Name: Jeremiah, Received: 9/18/2015 12:00:00 AM

Complaint: I worked for Troy for about 8 months. He got very shady when I went on holiday and wanted my holiday pay. Getting it was like pulling teeth. I managed to get it a month after my holiday. Then when tax season came around I was inexplicably let go. Then when I tried getting my t4 from him, it all added up. He always had a reason why I couldn't get a pay stub. Turns out he was deducting 30% of my wage for "taxes" but keeping it. To this day I'm trying to get my t4 from him.

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Full service general contractor offering new home builds and full house renovations & additions.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Troy Gallant
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2014
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards Yes
Year established 2012
Offers financing Yes
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Limited Partnership
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Insurance information Contact Dremar Contracting Ltd to request insurance details.

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