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This Rockwood area design build company has 0 reviews with a TrustScore of 3.5. Services offered include design build, commercial and restoration work. Ask about their license and insurance information, request a quote, or be the first to write a review.

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Po Box 598, Rockwood ON L6S 1K4

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Dundas Contracting has a TrustScore™ of 3.5. The average TrustScore™ for other businesses providing similar services in Rockwood and the surrounding areas is 3.5. For detailed information on how TrustScore is calculated, click here.

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Main Services Offered

Commercial Renovations

From the Apartment unit, the the industrial manufacturing space, each commercial space creates comfort and profitability, when designed and completed right. Four walls and a floor wotn promise you production, so consider uses FIRST, then build.

Design Build

Bring your dreams to the table. We are here to create with you. Let our knowledge of construction aspects dance with your design dreams. To every endng there is a great beginning. teams create the world we live in, designed only from visions.

Home Restoration

Disasters happen. It's called life. Where there is new-ness, there is destruction. We can repair and rebuild. Look around the world. As a community and a team, anything is possible.

Other Services Offered

Cabinetry and Millwork

Free standing cabinets tend to "shrink" rooms and take away walking space, as they tend to be bulkier than their custom counterparts. Fitted, built-in cabinets take up less valuable space, and utilize those unecessary nooks and crannies. they also give clean, majestic depth and space to the room.

Basement Lowering

That sore forehead finally giving you hints? It's time to have that well used area of your home made usable and comfortable. Lowering the floor can create almost 1/3 more space in your home without changing the look of the outside at all, unless the In-laws need a quick escape door!

Central Vacuums

Be it a Henry, Hoover, Bissel or Broom, lugging the vacuum leaves much to the TV crazed "enjoyable experience" of cleaning. Why drag that half powered, constantly clogging old clunker around. A central vacuum gets rid of the noise, and keeps the dust OUT of the home. Easily.

Handyman Services

Ah, the terrible 2s. The only thing terrible is not keeping up to them! Now, if we could just get the dog to let us know BEFORE disaster strikes! In the meantime, a few simple steps can give you peace of mind, and your baby a place to learn, travel and explore in safety.


from basic cabinets to complete rooms, carpentry creates the foundations for shape and finish. Master carpenters have an eye for defining each room's nature and life energy. From hidden closets, to vaulted ceilings, the carpenter brings the life to house and home.

Basement Renovations

Finishing that overgrown storage room can help eleviate the clutter, by including storage spaces, shelves and rooms, while create a little solitude, workspace or work-out space, away from the rushes of the everyday, and without disturbing the family.

Shed Construction

Outbuildings. Places to store, relax, enjoy and build! keep your items safe and out of the way, or enjoy getting away from the clutter and day-to-day life and relax. Out of the way construciton wont hamper day-to-day activities while we complete the job.

Closet and Storage

Have you ever actually SEEN a clean, organized standard one-shelf closet? How! Every clothing item has its place and size. And that soace ISNT piled on the floor, tucked away! Organize you closets and bring the changing experience a feel of enjoyment.


Once carpet gets shampood to remove the dirt, the stainblocker is gone. One crunch of dirt under foot and you've marked the hardwood. Ceramic and marble floors make for a easy to clean, versatile hard lasting floor with minimal cleanup for those busy areas.

Home Additions

From garages to basements, from Storage Rooms to Libraries. Additions can change the entire outlook and functionality of your home, creating a life long place to feel at home and grow. Try out our design services and see what your home can be transformed into.

Bathroom Renovations

One week or less to change the entire feel of the most widely used room in the house. Make it a space you can enjoy and relax itm with a warm shower, relaxing bath, or tranquil dressing area. Bathrooms are the heart of the house, where days start and end.


Warm, comfortable floors lure you into the ambiance of any room. Nothing else can finish a room like flooring, and carpet and vinyl create cost effective, fast solutions to the design dilema. Change a room with new flooring and watch life begin again.


Ceilings are the skies and heavens of the home. Cracks in space, or a buldge in the sky won't tend to create warmth OR comfort. A quick repair to those unsitely blemishes revitalizes your comfort and enjoyment of any room.

Bathtub Refinishing

Old tubs tend to discourage the comfort and enjoyment of the bathing and cleansing experience. One day to transform the look and feel of your sink or tub can be all that is needed to rejuvinate your love for running water.

Demolition Work

Bring the roof down for all the right reasons. If the bones arent there, bring it down quickly and start with a new slate. Demolition takes little time and removes all stops in design and inspiration.


Relax and ponder in the evening rays. Dream under the moon. Enjoy a glass or bottle with freinds. Reminiss, plan and dream. The most amazing insights come from a moment of relaxation and focus.


Let us create workability in every aspect of your home, store, cottage, or work site. No one should have to go without the enjoyment of the good roof and the sanctity of cover.

Concrete Work

Fast, firm, effective flooring. Maintenance free, and long lasting. Garages, workspaces, faux finishes., Concrete brings warmth in the strangest ways!


From refinishing to replacing, countertops make the cabinets, flooring and walls. Change a countertop, create and entirely new experience.


Give the old walls a fresh look. Hide that unsightly hole, patch, or ceiling. Drywall creates space and warmth quickly an cost effectively.

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This Rockwood area design build company has 0 reviews with a TrustScore of 3.5. Services offered include design build, commercial and restoration work. Ask about their license and insurance information, request a quote, or be the first to write a review.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Larry Tosswill , Betty Lau
Alternate Phone Numbers 416-931-2927
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2011
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 1986
Offers financing Yes
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Incorporated
Licensing information Licensing information available upon request
Insurance information Insurance information available upon request

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