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EH Handyman & Contracting company does everything from small fixes to large renovation. We focus on getting what you want done, small or large, cost-effectively with quality workmanship. A small and nimble company with little overhead means the money you spends goes right into your home! We do indoor work such as bathroom upgrade, ba  read more...

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21 Pixley Crescent, Toronto ON M6J 1M2

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4.9 4.9

E.H. Handyman and Contractor Services began operations in 2015 and has received 33 reviews for an overall customer rating of 4.9. The average rating for businesses providing similar services in the Toronto area is 4.2. Write a review

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Quality of Work Quality 5.0
Timeliness Timeliness 4.8
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Budget Budget 4.9
Communication Communication 4.9
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Main Services Offered


We specialize in the design, construction, and enhancement of custom decks tailored to your lifestyle. Our expert team works with a variety of materials, ensuring durability and aesthetics. From initial planning to the finishing touches, we transform your outdoor space into a functional haven.

Bathroom Renovations

Our skilled team ensures a seamless transformation, creating a stylish and functional space that suits your preferences and adds value to your home. Upgrade your bathroom with our expertise for a personalized and aesthetically pleasing retreat.

Kitchen Renovations

From design conceptualization to the final installation, we specialize in upgrading every aspect of your kitchen. Our skilled team handles custom cabinetry, countertop installation, flooring, lighting, and appliance upgrades.

Other Services Offered


Specializing in both interior and exterior tile installations, our skilled team ensures meticulous attention to detail, precise measurement, and expert craftsmanship. From bathrooms and kitchens to floors and walls, we offer a wide range of tile options and patterns to suit your aesthetic preference.


We specialize in the installation, repair, and replacement of a wide range of flooring materials, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet. Our experienced team ensures meticulous attention to detail, precise measurement, and expert craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.

Shed Construction

We specialize in designing and building custom sheds tailored to your specific needs. From foundation to roofing, our skilled team manages the entire construction process. Whether it's a garden shed, workshop, or storage unit, we prioritize durability, security, and aesthetics.

Floor Refinishing

We expertly restore and revitalize worn or damaged hardwood, engineered wood, or other types of flooring. Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques, including sanding, staining, and sealing, to bring back the original luster and character of your floors.


We specialize in the installation of high-quality insulation materials to regulate temperature, reduce energy consumption, and enhance soundproofing. Our skilled team assesses your property's specific needs and installs insulation in walls, attics, and crawl spaces.

Bathtub Refinishing

Our bathtub refinishing service expertly restores worn or outdated tubs, addressing chips, stains, and imperfections. Using advanced techniques, we provide a durable, high-quality finish that transforms your bathtub into a sleek, like-new centerpiece.


We specialize in the installation and finishing of drywall, providing a smooth and flawless surface for your walls and ceilings. From new constructions to renovations, our skilled team ensures precise measurement, cutting, and fitting of drywall sheets.

Demolition Work

We specialize in the safe and efficient dismantling of structures, whether residential or commercial. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques and equipment to ensure controlled demolition, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring safety compliance.


Our comprehensive plumbing service covers everything from repairs to installations, ensuring your plumbing system functions smoothly. Experienced and reliable, our team handles leaks, clogs, pipe repairs, and fixture installations with precision.


We specialize in expertly fitting a variety of countertop materials, including granite, quartz, marble, and more. Our skilled team takes care of measurement, cutting, and installation, ensuring a perfect fit for your kitchen or bathroom.


We specialize in applying and repairing plaster on walls and ceilings, ensuring a flawless surface for paint or other finishes. Our skilled plasterers meticulously address cracks, holes, and imperfections, delivering a seamless and durable result.

Concrete Work

From foundations and driveways to decorative concrete finishes, we bring expertise to every project. Our skilled team ensures precision in pouring, shaping, and finishing concrete surfaces, delivering structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Basement Renovations

Our expert team specializes in transforming underutilized basements into modern, functional spaces. From concept to completion, we handle everything – design, insulation, flooring, electrical work, plumbing, and more.

Closet and Storage

We design and optimize storage areas to meet your specific needs, enhancing functionality and organization. Our services encompass custom closet design, installation of shelving and storage units, and efficient space utilization.


We specialize in the construction and installation of framing systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our skilled team ensures precision in wood or metal framing, laying the groundwork for walls, roofs, and floors.


We offer professional design, installation, and repair of a variety of fencing styles, from classic to contemporary. Our skilled team works with quality materials, ensuring durability and security for your property.


We specialize in interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial properties. Our skilled team ensures precise preparation, quality paint application, and attention to detail, delivering a flawless finish.

Handyman Services

Our versatile handyman service is your go-to solution for a wide range of home repairs and maintenance tasks. From minor fixes to larger projects, our skilled professionals offer reliable and efficient services.


Crafting excellence in every detail, our carpentry service brings skilled expertise to woodworking projects. From custom furniture and cabinetry to intricate trim work, we deliver precision and artistry.


Seal the deal with our professional caulking service. We expertly apply high-quality sealants to fill gaps, cracks, and joints in various surfaces, providing a watertight and airtight barrier.


Our skilled team handles everything from traditional to modern styles, including drywall installation, popcorn ceiling removal, and decorative finishes.

Overview Continued


EH Handyman & Contracting company does everything from small fixes to large renovation.

We focus on getting what you want done, small or large, cost-effectively with quality workmanship.

A small and nimble company with little overhead means the money you spends goes right into your home!

We do indoor work such as bathroom upgrade, basement transformation, kitchen re-design including flooring, tiles, faucet, fixtures, painting, drywall, installing, closets, stairs, banisters etc.

We also do custom outdoor work including decks, fencing, steps, porches, cement walkways/pads/retaining walls, exterior paint, gates etc.

Happy to come by for a free estimate!

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Best of TrustedPros Awards

Best of TrustedPros 2023

E.H. Handyman and Contractor Services was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2023 for in Toronto.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Esan Hossannah
Alternate Phone Numbers 416-388-4154,
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2018
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty We stand behind our work, warrantees are offered upon request.
Accepts credit cards Yes
Year established 2015
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Incorporated
Licensing information Licensing information available upon request
Insurance information

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