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Created in 2002 by Greg Otterspoor, Framing to Finish specializes in meticulous detail. We are a strong and healthy mid-size construction company. Since we offer a vast array of skills and ideas, we have a unique ability to find solutions and provide top quality results. Servicing the Ottawa valley and surrounding areas, we have catered t  read more...

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2-2688 Conn St., Ottawa ON K2B 7C7

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3.7 3.7

Framing to Finish began operations in 2002 and has received 2 reviews for an overall customer rating of 3.7. The average rating for businesses providing similar services in the Ottawa area is 4.1. Write a review

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Quality of Work Quality 4.0
Timeliness Timeliness 4.0
Cleanliness Cleanliness 4.0
Budget Budget 4.0
Communication Communication 3.0
Courteous Courteous 3.0

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Overview Continued


Created in 2002 by Greg Otterspoor, Framing to Finish specializes in meticulous detail. We are a strong and healthy mid-size construction company. Since we offer a vast array of skills and ideas, we have a unique ability to find solutions and provide top quality results.

Servicing the Ottawa valley and surrounding areas, we have catered to many remote locations. Whether we re in Manotick, the Glebe, Barrhaven or the cottage, we work with prestigious care.

We have always taken special interest in a unique job. It may be intricate, complex or seemingly impossible due to unusual circumstances; regardless we treat these extreme exceptions as challenges and welcome the opportunity to increase our capabilities.

Organization is everything. From initial thoughts and priorities, to tracking and maintaining tools, materials, and the labour that goes with them.

As a result of natural evolution combined with technological advancements, industry development has left us open to many building options, each embracing different ideals. Allow us to guide and assist you through this multi-stage process. Thorough knowledge of the business, available building materials and their applications are essential to make the necessary decisions properly.

-With Focus comes Pride-


Kitchens & Bathrooms

Doors & Windows

Drywall & Taping

Decks & Fences

Tiling & cultured stone

Roofing & Flashing

Aluminum & Siding

Fireplaces & Mantels

Basements & Rec rooms

Custom Woodwork & Trim

Outdoor spaces

Additions and Renovations

General Contracting

Consulting/Project management


Task analysis and methodology

Energy efficient considerations and strategies

Product knowledge and research

Detailed evaluations


Supporting documentation and project costing


Interim statements

Clean and safe working environments

Fully insured

Tiered approaches

Milestone reviews

Project review and status

Building our Environment

The emphasis on the concept of being environmentally friendly is continuing to increase. It is now recognized by the government as they have implemented many programs and grants to facilitate and encourage this concern. As we each recognize how this affects us personally as well as a society, the importance of education becomes prudent.

Decisions regarding geothermal and radiant heating systems, on demand hot water and grey water systems, are few of many to be made. Technology continues to advance and is affecting all industries. New possibilities are introduced and traditional methods are continuing to change geared towards green building. The market is undergoing some major chances such Eco vegetation roofing and the implementation of solar thermal collectors. We encourage you to explore these options as well as many others and offer consulting services to assist in the decision making process.

As of January 1, 2012 the national building code of Canada has changed and efficiency rating requirements are higher. This will drive up the Energy Star and Leeds programs as well. Energuide is a rating guideline program that will be used as the new code.

Many are starting to look at homes and cost quite differently. Initial investments are becoming of higher value when the long term energy savings are factored in. The potential for energy efficiency of today s systems and methods is revolutionary. It is imperative that we all get on board in every way we can to work towards global salvage. The housing industry accounts for 40% of the planets energy. We are around the corner from an age where houses produce energy as opposed to consume so much of it.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Greg Otterspoor , Otterspoor
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2011
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2002
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
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