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Bringing experience to you that come from 100's of renovations and new custom home design-builds, Home Star Services stands above the crowd. We operate with a policy of 100% transparency meaning that we share with you the quotes and invoices for all costs as we develop your project budget, so that you are informed and have no surprises. U  read more...

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Suite 101, Coldspring Way, Mississauga ON L5M 6B8

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Main Services Offered

General Contracting

Professional Experience saves you money. Home Star Services can design-build, providing construction ready drawings, permits, engineering, construction and all sub-trade work, WCB compliant and all insurances, 2 year warranty on renovations and 2-5-10 on new homes. Call today complimentary estimate.

Home Construction

From award winning designs, drawings through permits, engineering, and construction, Home Star Services Homes also provides on-line scheduling and selections you can use to stay connected. Having built 100's of homes, you are in good hands with Home Star Services, full warranty and insurances.

Basement Renovations

Basement renovations are a specialty of Home Star Services. From design & permits to pluming changes, electrical and structural, we do it all with professional courtesy and cost savings. Home Star Services has an impressive buying power passing on savings to you. 2 year warranty.

Other Services Offered

Kitchen Renovations

From new counter tops to removing walls and making a new open concept kitchen with built ins, Home Star Services has lots of experience with kitchen renovations. We deliver our kitchen design team to you, get quotes in your budget range, and take care of electrical, plumbing, floor, paint, trim.

Bathroom Renovations

A great way to add value, Home Star Services's bathroom reno experience ranges from simple re-tiling the floor and changing the tub to total gutting, removing walls and expanding space, installing custom shower & steam rooms, heated floors and more. See sample project pictures under our profile.

Home Additions

Adding a bedroom, garage, or making the living area bigger creates value and requires a competent general contractor. Home Star Services is registered builder providing professional building services from permit and engineering services to completion. Our massive buying power passes savings to you.


Framing is the backbone of your home. It must be true and straight so the trim, cabinetry and finishing carpentry can follow neat straight lines. As well, proper nailing patterns and engineering must be adhered to. Be sure to use a qualified General Contractor to oversee this process.

Garage Construction

From post and beam to carports and carport to garage infill’s - call Home Star Services for fast production and learn how to save over a $1,000 on the job. From single car garages to 4 car garages with suites above, Home Star Services has the experience to deliver it.

Structural Engineering

Home Star Services works with structural engineers for all required items like shear walls, over span ceilings, over height walls, suspended slabs, and large point loads, all of which are commonly found in modern homes.

Design Build

Your home is where the heart is. We will ask you the 3 most important questions that guarantee a design you will love. Coupled with Home Star Services's award winning home building ability, and you can have your dream home!

Mold Removal

This is a job only trained technicians should do. Working with the technicians, Home Star Services will ensure WCB compliance, replacing floor, ceiling or wall areas contaminated. Call today for a complimentary evaluation.

Commercial Renovations

Home Star Services provides renovation service to wood frame commercial buildings. design, permits, structural changes, plumbing, electrical, finishing and flooring. Call today for complimentary budget.

Excavation Services

Excavation overseen by a general contractor ensures quality coordination and time and money savings. digging the hole s easy, but for digging it just right, infilling an back filling you will want us on site.

Home Restoration

Home Star Services will provide a fast and seamless service with all paperwork for your insurance company. From repairing fire or flood damage to flooring and paint, call today fora fast reply and quote.


New foundations or underpinning old foundations. As a general contractor with experience you can be sure its done right. Concrete forming, pouring, steel, mesh, neat and clean.


Save $1,000 or more on your deck costs. New or rebuild. Call today 416-844-1421. Post and beam or conventional, wood, vinyl, concrete or marble topping.

Demolition Work

Save $2,000 by combining the old house demolition with the new home build. Call today at 416-844-1421 for free estimate. Also smaller interior demolition services.

Foundation Repairs

Leaking cracked, or undersized - we have the expertise and engineering capacity to take care of it. Right to footings and installing new perimeter drains.

Interior Design

Home Star Services will provide a Interior Designing services. Call today fora fast reply and quote 416-844-1421.

Home Staging

Home Star Services will provide a Home Staging services. Call today for a fast reply and quote 416-844-1421.

Overview Continued


Bringing experience to you that come from 100's of renovations and new custom home design-builds, Home Star Services stands above the crowd.

We operate with a policy of 100% transparency meaning that we share with you the quotes and invoices for all costs as we develop your project budget, so that you are informed and have no surprises. Using an amazing on line co-construction project management system, you can log on to your project anytime from anywhere there is an internet connection and stay connected to your renovation or custom home build. You can see the schedule, when we will be done, pictures taken that day of progress, relevant plans, your budget, and an area where you select materials like flooring, plumbing and lighting, colours, etc. Customers rave about Home Star Services's easy to use co-construct that keeps them connected and in control.

With an impressive buying power combined from our locations in Mississauga, Oakville, GTA, Peel and Halton regions, Home Star Services receives the best pricing on materials and we pass the savings to you. We can work with you to develop your designs, providing not only the construction ready plans, but sound advice from having "been there done that" knowing the best cost effective solutions. Home Star Services also will handle all engineering, permits, construction, sub-trades, architects and other professionals.

Home Star Services renovator providing a full 2 year warranty on renovation work, and a full 2-5-10 warranty on new construction. WSIB compliant with liability insurance, we act as the General Contractor for you during a renovation so that you are protected.

Home Star Services has been featured in Homes and Living magazine for outstanding renovations. So whether you want just the bathroom renovated, or a TV worthy extreme renovation, Home Star Services Homes & Renovations should be on your list of who to call! Call 416-844-1421 today and we will promptly arrange for a complimentary visit, advice and budget.

Thank you,


Home Star Services (Homes & Renovations Services), Mississauga

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Soloman Yousaf
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2013
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2003
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Partnership
Licensing information Contact Home Star Services to request licensing info.
Insurance information Contact Home Star Services to request insurance details.

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