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Halifax Landscaping Contractor serving HRM to South Shore. We cover from Chester – St Margaret’s Bay – Tantallon – Hammonds Plains – Bedford – Fall River –HRM. With over 28 years experience within the horticultural sector. The owner having emigrated from England and establishing his company in the Maritimes. We specialize in Residential La  read more...

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902-402-5361 |Website 8424 St Margarets Bay Road, Halifax NS B0J 1B0

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Main Services Offered


The landscape installation process begins with the hardscape portion of the landscape. The hardscapes of your landscape are the first features to be installed. Attention to detail is crucial to the overall success of your hardscape design. It is important to have a working knowledge. Hire a Pro.


The use of concrete pavers, often referred to as paving stones, is growing rapidly on both commercial and residential construction projects. Interlocking pavers form a patterned surface which can be put into service immediately. Pavers are manufactured in various textures and colors.


We aim to give the best information and advice about decking and building your own deck in the clearest and professional manner. A deck installation should be thought of in the same way as you would consider having a house extension built. It will probably give as much pleasure.

Other Services Offered

Property Maintenance

The services which could be classed as property maintenance are wide ranging and could include many sectors of the maintenance industry such as maintaining air conditioning, plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing, locksmiths, boarding, glazing or refurbishment. General Garden Maintenance. Weekly etc.

Power Washing

Power washing, as a cleaning method, has been increasingly popular in the past several decades and will become even more popular in years to come. A lot of times people put too much effort into cleaning their cars, boats, patios, grills and the exteriors of their houses. We get the job done right.

Land Clearing

From the natural ground and contours, site preparation may include many different elements. The scope of the work to be conducted may include the clearing of any trees and plants, plus the cutting or filling to create the desired ground profiles. This may involve stripping the organic topsoil.

Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance is an essential ingredient that impacts the overall look and health of your lawn. Proper grass care is critical in producing a lawn that is free of lawn weeds, lawn pests and lawn diseases. Fertilizing your lawn is the step in your lawn care regiment that will separate your lawn.

Irrigation Systems

Spray systems are the most popular form of irrigation for home lawns and gardens, and are most advantageous for small yard areas. The nozzles are easily changed to accommodate different spray positions, and the system in general is quite dependable, requiring little maintenance at all.

Tree Services

Arborists gain qualifications to practice arboriculture in a variety of ways and some arborists are more qualified than others. Experience working safely and effectively in and around trees is essential. Arborists tend to specialize in one or more disciplines of arboriculture. Hire a professional.


A brick wall endures for generations with style and class that most other materials can’t match. Brick walls continue to be very popular, adding value and prestige to homes, offices and other buildings. As with any building material, there are considerations and choices available.

Wrought Iron

What makes us unique in today's market is that we insist on maintaining old trade skills while understanding the needs of today's customers. Our customers seek quality, honesty and products of distinctive style. We are dedicated to pleasing our clients with discriminating tastes.


Decide what purpose the fence will serve and what style is best suited to the architecture of the home and the topography of the property. Discuss the plans for the fence with the owners of neighboring properties. Check for underground utilities and mark them before beginning installation.

Excavation Services

Landscaping is a finishing touch on a project. It's amazing how a well designed landscape plan can transform a dull building into an exciting piece of property. The landscape plan, provided by a Landscape Architect, should show the details for the work to be performed.

Overview Continued


Halifax Landscaping Contractor serving HRM to South Shore. We cover from Chester St Margaret s Bay Tantallon Hammonds Plains Bedford Fall River HRM. With over 28 years experience within the horticultural sector. The owner having emigrated from England and establishing his company in the Maritimes.

We specialize in Residential Landscaping and Garden Maintenance. Landscaping Consultation and Design. We are a hard working landscape and maintenance company, putting the client s needs first. We provide each client with a full detailed quote/estimate for their landscape project as to what is involved from the onset in a professional way.

Principles of design are an important element. Forming a structure which includes the Hard Landscaping such as walling and paving which defines the gardens layout. As well as the Soft Landscaping such as planting beds. Sodding and Seeding. Whatever the balance between hard landscaping and soft landscaping it is plants that bring a garden to life.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Ian White , Chris
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2012
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2007
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
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