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Hello everyone. We are a firm that is fully covered with a $2,000,000.00 liability insurance and WSIB. We have a very professional basement finishing. If you need your basement finished or renovated as well as any part of your home, you came to right place. We also have a crew for shingles roofs and eaves troughs as well as all other exte  read more...

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Main Services Offered

General Contracting

All kinds of repair in your home or shop starting from landscaping to your home interior, roofing new and repairs, windows and doors, eaves troughs new and repair including cleanup.

Property Maintenance

We have maintenance contracts as well as service calls 24 hours the maintenance of your property is important, we are straight and fair.


Complete new roof, roof replacement, roof repairs, new skylights and repairs, water penetration investigation and solution.

Other Services Offered


Is you gutter is old or galvanized or is even deteriorated, we can replace it for you, no joints in the middle! we have professionals with a proper vehicle to deliver the gutters in one full piece, we work with good suppliers and if you like special order colors we have it, gutters cleaning.


Caulking interior on exterior, specially windows and door, its also important at the top edge of your counter top on your kitchen to prevent water from going behind the cupboards, also is very important on you bathtub all around where the bathtub meets the ceramic on the walls.

Basement Renovations

Complete basement renovations and modifications, water proofing, re-drywall completed with plaster and paint new entrance openings etc. If you like to add a bathroom or a laundry room to your basement we are the cheapest and affordable contractor for your project.


New decks in pressure treated wood, repairs as well, new patios in interlocking, patio stones, concrete with landscaping if needed, if your patio or deck need a gazebo then we are here for you as well with a good history of patios and gazebos.


Interlocking and patio stones are a specialty of my staff, they love what they do, we have a good history of repairing uneven interlocking pavement as well as patio stones, new installation are also a privilege for us to leave you smiling.

Home Construction

Call us and present your project and we go from there, we have in house the trades and subcontractor with good liability insurance, at the moment we are covered for 5,000,000.00 Liability insurance as well as our subcontractors.


Repair ceilings specially when there is water damage, mold and cracks, that sometimes happens when the house has already a few years and shift a little creating cracks in the drywall specially ceiling, well thats why we are here.


Rough carpentry and finishing carpentry is a most important part of any project, rough because that where everything starts and finish because that where you realize how beautiful it looks when complete, you can count on us.

Handyman Services

We have that! the Handy Man, he has a van with equipped with everything he needs to solve your little problem, mostly residential, my Handy Man has made lost of clients happy hope you can be one happy client as well.


If your counter top is a bit deteriorated from water damage or if you just think you would to see a different color on your counter top, then we are the solution, even you modify your counter top if needed etc.


Repairing your old fence and replacing it, chain-link or pressure treated, we work with best fence material providers in the area, good price good quality in iron, pressure treated and chain-link etc.

Excavation Services

Excavating is something to do it safely, that's why we always call Ontario 1 Call to come and locate all wires and pipes under ground to make sure its safe ti excavate, no excavation job is impossible.


New landscaping and lawn maintenance, tree pruning, grass cutting, leafs cleanup, snow removal and cleanup, if winter is bad we can make all good by cleaning your walk ways and driveways.

Bathroom Renovations

Complete bathroom renovations as well as repairs and replacements, new shower replacement of bathtubs new fans installation or repair of existing etc. New ceramic flooring, complete painting etc.


We can install your skylight, create the opening even finish the inside of your home all you need is to call us and get free estimate we can also repair your skylight, we have good suppliers.

Demolition Work

Demolition service, want to take down your old garage, remove a few wall inside your residence? no problem! our mini bin will at your door and our professional staff is ready.

Lawn Care

We can take good care of lawn, even if you need some sprinkler to automatically water your grass we can provide you a free estimate for new sprinklers at you home and commercial property.


You home foundation is very important, no bad foundation can hold a good home its like a bad parent can educate good kids, let us advise you or even repair or build your foundation.


New siding installation are also a trade we have in house, replacement and repair, aluminum and vinyl, we work with the best suppliers in the area your wont be disappointed.


water proofing in concrete slabs and foundation walls, if your basement leak we can solve your problem, we can local water proof or water proof your whole house, you choose.


Framing is fun and we do it with love, wood framing, metal studs or iron you choose we put it together for you, a happy client make our business better and better everyday.

Computers Service

I can come to your residence or you can drop it of at my shop, my honesty comes first the cost is a minor issue and best of all is that in the end you will be a happy costumer.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen refurbishment, replacement of kitchen cabinets, repair or only replacement of counter top or sections, replacement of kitchen exhaust fan and new installations.

Bathtub Refinishing

Replacement of your bathtub including bathtub enclosure, all plumbing drains replaced to most recent system, new shower faucet single leaver. New ceramic on the walls etc.


Laminate floor is also the we do it with pride, beautiful and clean finish is the way we leave your home, we supply and install or just install if you supply no problem.

Closet and Storage

Well in this case you have to let me know what you need done to your closet and I will put together for you we can design for you and will only be done with your approval.

Foundation Repairs

If your foundation needs repair or even has some cracks allowing water to penetrate in to your basement, get fixed before it gets worst, we can look after you!


Tiles replacement and new installations, bathrooms, kitchens you name it we do it. Kitchen back splash is also important it extends the life time of counter top.

Mold Removal

Removal and treatment of mold, find out why mold keeps coming back and make it go away forever, your bathroom shall be painted completely after mold treatment.


Paint is what turn things beautiful, we love to make our clients happy specially when is comes to painting, the finishing touch is what counts and we have it.

Home Restoration

Home restoration starting on the inside, we can make your home look like a brand new house, even exterior nothing is impossible when it comes to restoration.


Brick walls, tuck point, brick chimney repair or restoration, you front porch brick columns are a bit deteriorated well call us masonry work if with us.

Concrete Work

We can repair you concrete floor, walkway or concrete steps we can also provide new concrete installations on garages, walkway, sidewalks you name it.

House Cleaning

We have a good cleaning service, just call us and explain what you need and I'm sure to find a solution for your need, residential and commercial.


New drywall installation or repairs is number 1 for us, your need drywall repairs we have the right staff, new drywall installation is our favourite.

Windows and Doors

New window and doors costume made to size, replacement of storm doors and repairs, fire raider doors with frame, window screens replacement etc.

Basement Lowering

Complete Basement renovations, including lowering and new drains as well, complete excavation and new concrete flooring, underpinning as well.


Vinyl Floors new installation and repairs, cleaning and applications of sealer leaving a nice shine to it, carpets only residential at the moment.

Home Additions

New Additions starting at foundation to complete finish, can be done according to drawings or repair of existing additions in case of deterioration.


Plumbing repair and new plumbing work, don't let your plumbing leak it causes further damage, let us solve the problem before it get worst.

Power Washing

Power washing your driveway, your siding and your walkway even you clay tile roof if that's the case, its just a matter of calling us.


New aluminum awnings, repair or build new in wood awning, removal of old awning new awning costume made to fit, aluminum and wooden.

Tree Services

Tree pruning, tree removal? no problem just call us don't let a big tree damage you roof or full your gutters with leaf in the fall.

Window Treatment

We have a crew specialized in window lets us have a look no charge, free estimate for solution and if the price is right we are in business.

Trash Removal

If you need a mini bin and a few man to clean some left over trash, call us the trucks are ready and so are the man, we are affordable.

Wrought Iron

In term of iron work we only do repair on railing and gates, new installations are also available, also maintenance is available.

Commercial Renovations

No project is a big project, we have the equipment and the manpower and we are just a phone call away don't hesitate to call us.

Garage Doors

Complete replacement of your existing garage door as well as repairs, we also install new doors and build a new garage from scratch.

Snow Removal

Snow removal, commercial and residential, contract or hourly what important is that you wont slip in the ice and get hurt.

Garage Construction

Building new carports complete with roof and structure, build complete garage finished with new garage door and roofing.


We have a perfect finishing in terms of plaster. it will amaze you how or finishing look when completed.

Overview Continued


Hello everyone.

We are a firm that is fully covered with a $2,000,000.00 liability insurance and WSIB. We have a very professional basement finishing. If you need your basement finished or renovated as well as any part of your home, you came to right place. We also have a crew for shingles roofs and eaves troughs as well as all other exterior aluminum trades.

Give us a call lets talk, explain your problem if I call help you with quality then you can count on me.

Thanks for reading.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) John Ponceano , John Ponceano
Alternate Phone Numbers 647-522-9981, 647-522-9981
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2011
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2006
Offers financing Yes
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
Licensing information Contact J & K General Contracting & Services to request licensing info.
Insurance information Contact J & K General Contracting & Services to request insurance details.

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