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We are a new renovation company that specializes in interior renovations. We are a general contractor, and as such, a one stop shop for a complete renovation project. We offer competitive rates, and offer exceptional customer service. We believe that every customer should be a happy customer! Through personal experience, and those of  read more...

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288 Leola St, Winnipeg MB R2C 1H2

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Main Services Offered

Bathroom Renovations

We have both renovated and built brand new bathrooms. We can frame, insulate, drywall, and finish the entire space. We are capable of installing any type of flooring, including heated tile.

Basement Renovations

We can finish basement interiors from start to finish. We can frame, insulate, drywall, mudd and tape, paint, and handle all electrical components in between.

General Contracting

We are a general contractor, and as such, will bring in any additional assistance we require in order to transform your idea into a reality.

Other Services Offered


We offer finish carpentry services such as baseboard install, trim install, door capping install, etc. We can also install any special trim that may be requested by the customer, such as crown molding.


We can install both hardwood and laminate flooring for customers in any area that they wish. We will offer recommendations for flooring options to our customers based upon where they want to install the floor.


We bring in sub contracted plumbers for any plumbing issues. All plumbing is done to code standards. We deal with any plumbers necessary, and ensure the work is done properly and in a timely fashion.


We can insulate regular stud walls for customers. We tend to do insulation during bathroom and basement renovations. Quite often, the insulation has degraded over time in these areas.


We can install tile in all types of locations. We have done flooring, back splashes around sinks, shower surrounds, etc. We can also install heat pads for heated tile floor.


We can install countertops of all types for customers, including custom built countertops. We can handle everything from wood, to stone, to tile countertop surfaces.


We can install or replace drywall anywhere in the home. We can also do patch work on drywall if necesary. We also handle the mudding and taping aspect of drywall finishing.

Cabinetry and Millwork

We can install any cabinetry and countertops for customers upon request. We do not build cabinets, but even custom ordered cabinets can be installed for our customers.

Floor Heating

We can install heated tile floor by request. The cost would include the heat pads, as well as the electrical cost for the wiring of the thermostat for the heat pad.

Kitchen Renovations

We can do full kitchen renovations, right from flooring, to cabinetry install, countertop install, dishwasher install, electrical, and plumbing.


We bring in a subcontracted electrician for any electrical work. Our subcontractors are insured and have their red seal when it comes to electrical and plumbing.

Windows and Doors

We can install both windows and exterior doors. We can install custom ordered items, or we can supply the items ourselves, and include them in our quote.


We offer painting on all our interior renovations. We do not come out for the sole purpose of painting itself, but will include it as part of a larger job.

Handyman Services

We can replace interior doors for customers. We typically will install a new door frame at the same time, to ensure that everything is installed properly.


We can install or repair any type of fence. We typically would focus on building a new fence for a customer over a repair, unless the repair is basic.


We can install vinyl floors of all types for customers. Whether it comes in a roll, in laminate planks, or in squares, it can be done.

Overview Continued


We are a new renovation company that specializes in interior renovations. We are a general contractor, and as such, a one stop shop for a complete renovation project. We offer competitive rates, and offer exceptional customer service. We believe that every customer should be a happy customer!

Through personal experience, and those of others, we found that this industry seems to lack customer service and professionalism. Although we can acknowledge that there are some excellent companies out there, we found that many people were telling us of horror stories regarding past renovations. We felt that the quality of our work was excellent, and were very confident that we could give customers the best experience possible when it came to renovations.

In late 2010, we decided to pursue our goal of starting a company in the renovation industry. We self-financed the start up of K&S Development Ltd, as well as the purchase of numerous tools. We were officially incorporated in April of 2011, and begin operating officially in July. Our goal is to meet customer expectations in every encounter, and offer them a finished product that last a long time.

Past experiences, Renovation Abilities, Guarantees: We have experience in numerous areas, as follows : Installation of cement piles for structural support (for fences, or decks) Framework in both wood and metal studs Electrical Plumbing Door and Window Installation Insulation Drywall Installation Mudding and Taping Painting Baseboard / Capping / Trim Installation And Much More! We also install items such as cabinetry, vanities, toilets, sinks, bathtubs/showers, etc.

We basically will take an idea from a customer, and turn it into a reality. We guarantee the end product, and deal with the coordination of any sub-contractors that are brought in during the renovation.

We offer a one year warranty on any installation defects. We have liability insurance for $1,000,000. We ensure that any subcontractors that we bring in are insured as well.

Our Goals, and Beliefs Our goal is to become a company that is known for quality and service. We look forward to creating jobs for others, and great experiences for those that deal with us. We believe that the best advertisement we can put out there is a happy customer. Customer satisfaction is what will make us successful!

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick company overview. We hope you will consider us for your renovation needs, and we look forward to assisting you! K&S Development Ltd 204-219-8518

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Ashwin Kadaba , Jeff
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2011
Residential work Yes
Commercial work No
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2011
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Incorporated
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