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Landmark Designs 2015. Project Manager / General Contractor. I am an inner city builder.Inglewood, Bridgeland and Briar Hill account for the past 21 years. This is not to say I won't look at work outside of these areas as I do have completed projects in Elbow Valley, Edgemont, Marta Loop, Bragg Creek, Cranston, Strahcona  read more...

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5815 Dalkeith Hill NW, Calgary AB T3A 1G5

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Main Services Offered

General Contracting

I have been general contracting since 1981. Projects: multiple residential and commercial, new builds and make overs.Please see photo gallery. Many projects I have been apart of for the last 20 years.

Home Additions

Home additions are of the most complex in the design build world, from an Architectural perspective, as the two must join together without a trace. Happy to help. Please see photo gallery.

Design Build

Are you thinking of building your own home?, got some ideas you would like to see come to life? Please see photo gallery for some of the design builds completed.

Other Services Offered

Home Construction

I am a custom home builder and have been building in Alberta and BC for many years. Duplex, Banff 1988, 1 1/2 storey post and beam, New Denver 1989. Ranch style Bungalow, Invermere 1990. 2 storey, Inglewood 1996. 1 1/2 storey, Briar Hill 1999, 2 storey, Bridgeland 2001, 2 storey, Inglewood 2010.

Drafting Service

Are you looking for someone to prepare drawings for furniture,home addition, garage, new build & commercial . What ever your project we can draw it. Also offer a 3D service. When starting any project always start with a 3D concept, it allows you to walk around and through it from all angles.

Foundation Repairs

A good foundation repair starts with a good assessment of the problem. All concrete cracks, but it is important to understand first why damage occurred. Often foundation damage is the result of improper water control on site or a lack of compaction, sometimes both. Happy to have a look.

Home Restoration

Home restoration has become big business here in Calgary as Mother Nature has had a great impact on our lives. I was there when flood waters moved along the shore line of the Bow as it passed in front of our new build. I volunteered my time to help those who were affected by this event.

Excavation Services

Specializing in tight, small work areas. over the past 10 years I have been asked to excavate side yards for retaining wall, new builds and repairs. Most recently I a client who's side yard was sliding into neighbors yard as a result of a new build. Please see photo gallery.

Land Clearing

In my early days as a contractor, my company won the bid for the clearing of the Land in preparation for the new Banff Mineral Springs Hospital. My father had us clear land in all his endeavors. 45 years of knowledge of volume of materials and what it takes to move it.


25 years experience in tile work. Great tile work is recognizable by even the untrained eye, the clean lines, great layout. we all see it, regardless of your experience. Always looking to surpass your expectations.


Sun rooms can definitely be a good addition to living space, they do require the right conditions to give best results. The most important question is what is your exposure to the sun. direct exposed to the sun.

Basement Renovations

Since the flood of 2013, we have completed 3 basement renovations / restorations. if you live in a flood plain there are new rules and codes to follow to ensure project qualifies for insurance coverage.

Floor Heating

In floor heating ( hydronic or electric ) provides a comfort level not attainable by any other heat source. Whether you are planning a new build or just want a bathroom upgrade. See photo gallery.


Painter are responsible for bringing the designers, carpenters, cabinet maker's, project manager and builder best work forward. Happy to help. Expert Painter, pictures on request.

Tree Services

Given the choice, I will save the tree provided that is an option. Every project I have been a part of over the last 40 plus years has always had some thing to do with trees. Happy to help.


Perhaps you are just looking for someone to frame in basement walls. Garage packages, hang doors. Fences. Frame in new laundry room. What ever your requirements we are happy to help.


Decks, garage packages, new builds, additions, kitchen renos, bathroom renos, basement development, what ever your framing requirements, we can help.

Demolition Work

We have done a number of demolitions over the years. Most every new build starts with demolition. Any renovation will start with some form of demolition. Please see photo gallery.


I heard it said. "good fences make good neighbors" well I think it so. Every project we do including the fence gets a high standard approval. Please see photo gallery.

Wrought Iron

My father was a fabricator. As a rancher he would build stock and heave haul 5th wheel units for oilfield. I prefer gates and custom landscape. 40 years as a fabricator.


Are you requiring drywall repairs do to water damage? Looking to develop your basement? Drywalling your garage? We are happy to help. See photo gallery.


Building a deck, not sure what codes are. I can help with design and approvals and then build the deck you desire. Already have approvals, we can build it.


Foundations come in a number of forms. Concrete formed, ICF ( foam block ) Pressure Treated wood framed, Underpinning. Please see photo gallery.

Garage Construction

Are you building a garage and do not know where to start? We can help, design, permit approvals, packages or custom from start to completion.

Basement Lowering

Underpinning is engineer and city approved. We have done a number of basement lowering jobs over the years. Both on client builds and projects of my own.

Home Inspection

Over the years I have done over 1000 home inspections both for clients and as well for my own projects. Inner city Specialist. Please see photo gallery.


Plumbing is generally simple. Codes and regulations keep everyone on the same page. Handyman service to Senior only. Please see photo galllery.


Manage only. General Contractor. Seniors discounts available. Please see photo gallery. Pictures added often, recent member of TrustedPros.

Architectural Design

I have prepared multiple drawings for residential and commercial projects. Stamped and approved by city of Calgary. Please see photo gallery.

Bathroom Renovations

We can help here to. Bathroom renovations are as unique as the home owner. Please see photo gallery for work we have completed recently.

Cabinetry and Millwork

Custom millwork and cabinetry can be done on or off site. In any new build, often custom work is built in. Please see photo gallery.


Mason work is a very big part of your first impression. 30 years experience in managing good stone masons. Please see photo Gallery.


We all know the expression " First Impression Is Everything" Happy to help. Please see photo gallery. Expert Landscaper.

Concrete Work

Concrete done right has a huge impact. Sidewalks, slabs, retaining walls and foundations. Please see photo gallery.

Handyman Services

Some times you just need a shelf, a door installed. Seniors only. I am happy to help. Please see photo gallery.

Overview Continued


Landmark Designs 2015. Project Manager / General Contractor.

I am an inner city builder.Inglewood, Bridgeland and Briar Hill account for the past 21 years. This is not to say I won't look at work outside of these areas as I do have completed projects in Elbow Valley, Edgemont, Marta Loop, Bragg Creek, Cranston, Strahcona Park, Canmore, Banff and Invermere.

I specialize in a hands on, high standards approach to building.

Most recent in work profile has been in site restoration and renovation.

Design builds have taped into geothermal, coupled with hydronics and thermal mass to maximize energy efficiency. I am a proud builder of ICF Sytems. ( foam block, Concrete ) with concrete slabs, optimizing comfort in our Calgary climate. Water collection systems for new builds.

I love what I do and will put my years of experience to use, making your project the next Landmark Design.

Name was changed in 2015 to better reflect project preference.

I am always interested in doing the best job possible regardless of it's size.

My clients know that it does not matter what needs to be done, big or small, I am happy to help.

I have been doing design builds and redevelopment in Inglewood, Bridgeland, Briar Hill since 1996.

1996 - 1998 1914 9th ave SE purchase, design and build new commercial / residential

2 story, sold id 1998

1999 - 2001 1310 15th. St. NW purchase, design & build new 2 story, sold in 2001

2001 - 2003 204 12a ST NE purchase, design, and renovated, sold in 2003

2003 project manage and provide man power for a redevelopment.

2004 project manager, design and redevelop commercial frontage.

2004 - 2007 219 8th st. NE purchase, design and build 2 story, sold in 2007.

2006 - 2010 2205 8th. Ave SE design, and build 2 story for client.

2011 2205 8Th. Ave SE landscaping with custom cedar awning.

2012 2236 9 Th. Ave. SE rear yard excavation, retaining wall, fence and landscaping.

2012 Mobiltex exterior renovation including: demolition,framing, stucco and landscaping.

2013 - 2014 2205 8Th. Ave SE flood restoration lower level

2011 5448 Bannerman Dr. NW new build foundation and framing to lock up.

2013 Edgemont side yard excavation, retaining wall and landscaping

2014 - 2015 2247 8th. Ave. SE retaining wall (200')fence (200')restore landscaping to original.

2015 - 2016 2035 7th. Ave. SE property redevelopment, decks, garage, garage fireplace, landscaping and basement development, bathroom with shower, 1 bedroom, new egress windows with carpet

2016 2031 7TH. Ave SE renovate 2 story hardwood 2 levels, main level bath, 2nd level bath, fireplace tile and mantle 2 levels and paint 2 levels.

2017 Mobiltex redevelopment (main level shower / locker room )

2017 2031 7Th. Ave. SE side yard restoration

2017 2027 7th. Ave. SE side yard restoration

2017 305 McGill Block condo renovation, bathroom, counter tops, wall panels & paint.

Best of TrustedPros Awards

Best of TrustedPros 2017

Landmark Designs 2015 was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2017 for Landscaping in Calgary.

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Main contact(s) Dana Killen
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2017
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty Warranty details not yet provided
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 1978
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
Licensing information Licensing information available upon request
Insurance information Insurance information available upon request

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