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All types of Home Renovations, Home and Building Inspections, Asbestos and Mould removal. Fully Certified, Insured and Guarantee all work. We are also Disaster Recovery Specialists for Fire and Flood Damage. KEEP IT SIMPLE, WE DO IT ALL!

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172 Cobblestone Place, Rockwood ON N0B 2K0

11 Customer Reviews

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4.1 4.1

Next Restoration began operations in 2010 and has received 11 reviews for an overall customer rating of 4.1. The average rating for businesses providing similar services in the Rockwood area is 4.1. Write a review

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TrustScore 4.2 / 5.0
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Main Services Offered

Home Restoration

We are restoration recovery specialist fire, flood, mould, and wind damage always ready 7 days a week 24 hours a day immediate response time, confine the damaged area correct the issue and return your house or building to a like new finish call us and check our web site Next Restoration.

Basement Renovations

Basement renovations are not just a normal renovation. Things that must be taken in to account; moisture levels, temperature changes, ventilation, occupancy, and end use. These are just a few questions that would be addressed. Do it right. Call us, we also guarantee our work.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are so important and must be done right with proper exhaust and usage of space this is something we specialize in call us if you want it done right we guarantee our work.

Other Services Offered


Flooring is something we do most often and we install all types of flooring laminate,engineered,hard wood, hard wood, ceramic, tile,and granite we also do heated flooring, we will also educate you on how to maintain the good looks of your new floor and we guarantee our work.


Ceilings are a focal point of a room, whether it is a California ceiling or a flat ceiling, it has to be done right. Attractive lighting will add to a ceiling as will crown molding which we also specialize in. If you want it done right, call us, and we guarantee our work.


Tiling the key is to make sure the tiles are level with no edges offset and all spacing is equal prior to everything the floor or wall must be solid and secure these are the things we do and we do it right ,our tiling work is pristine call us we do it right and guarantee our work.


Dry walling is a simple job for an experienced person but it is the final finishing touches that really will show the difference between a good dry waller and a inexperienced dry waller. If you want a job done that you can be proud of call us. We do it right and guarantee our work.

Closet and Storage

Closets and storage is becoming a greater part of a renovation the design of this room is very important. Shelving, doors, lighting, and ventilation, must all be considered as well as end use. If you want it done right, call us. We guarantee our work.

Foundation Repairs

Foundation repairs are sometimes not required it comes down to the person you hire to investigate the issues I have witnessed several foundation repairs that were done improperly so before you dig call us we will point out the real problem and decide what should be done.


Decks are part of the overview of your home and must be appealing to enhance the value of your home. Secondly it must satisfy the use and design. It must also be safe and built to building code which we are certified in do it right. Call us, we guarantee our work.


we mostly do interior framing as a renovation we have graduate carpenters on staff no job is too big or too small everything will be straight, level, and all corners precise we also do crown molding call us if you want it done right we guarantee our work.

Home Inspection

Registered Home Inspector, Building Code Certified, Mould and Toxic Material Removal Certified, Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultant,.green building certified we do it right with a full written report handed to you at the end of the inspection.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations is a renovation we take pride in. This is a frequently used room that is analyzed on a daily basis so it must be done right with out error and that's exactly what we do. We do it right and to your custom design and we guarantee our work.


Caulking is like a frame on a picture whether it is a fine line or a wide line of caulking it has to be done like you are framing a picture or you loose the presentation of your new installation if you want it done right call us and we guarantee our work.

Demolition Work

Demolition is too often not addressed properly demolition is the removal of sections of a home with out any damage to adjacent building components it must be done right and left in a clean state if you want it done right call us we guarantee our work.

Mold Removal

Fully certified mould remediator basements, washrooms, window areas, attics, decks, and all other areas we do not just remediate and disinfect the mould we correct the cause as well call us we do it right and guarantee our work.

Energy Inspections

We are registered home inspectors and can tell you where your energy losses are we will go though your entire house with a thermal imaging camera you will be surprised at what is behind your walls we do it right call us keep it simple we do it all.


Carpentry is a specialized trade which we have graduate carpenters on staff. We do everything from framing to crown molding and take pride in our finished workmanship. Call us if you want it done right and we guarantee our work.

Handyman Services

No job is too big or too small we do a lot of work with real estate agents final small touch ups before a house is put on the market its amazing the value of small touch-ups call us we do it right and guarantee our work.


We do interior and exterior painting using the right types of paint for the job, our work is flawless all trim and walls done pristine we also do all repairs to walls before painting call us we do it right.

General Contracting

We do general contracting, project management, renovations, building restorations as a result of a fire or flood. Keep it simple we do it all and we guarantee our work.

Garage Construction

Garage construction and garage repairs are two trades we do well call us if you want it done right we guarantee our work.

Electrical, Home Additions, Landscaping, Plumbing, Welding

Additional Information

Main contact(s): Brian Dolotowicz
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2015
Residential work: Yes
Commercial work: Yes
Accepts credit cards: No
Year established: 2010
Offers financing: Yes
24 Hour emergency service: Yes
Legal structure: Incorporated
Licensing information:
Insurance information: Contact Next Restoration to request insurance details.

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