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Good Morning My name is Sean of Perfect Precision Paint & Restoration. I have a small insured, licensed and WCB covered company that I started in 2003. Since I started my # 1 goal has been customer service. Over the past year I have become a father for the second time. Since then I have decided that I need to grow my company to provide a better futu  read more...

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#316 6359 198st , Langley BC V2Y 2E3

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Main Services Offered


I prefer to use Sherwin Williams products. I mask with frog tape along baseboards and door edges for perfectly clean lines. I do a lot of spraying for ceilings and have a generator if power is not accessible. I do a lot of exterior painting And have options for Lifetime product guarantee.


I like to do a lot of stuff old-school style with metal corners that are screwed. I don’t do this in all situations but in most. Most of my drywalling is renovation-based. So basement suites, rooms etc. I don’t do many full houses.


Like much of my other work i like to take my time. I am not a hack and slash Carpenter. I take extra time to make sure everything comes together plum and level with Tight corners.

Other Services Offered


I always put up a string lines and Normally use a bag and a half to two bags of concrete per post. Most people prefer to go with prefab panels but I am capable of design and build if it is preferred. I do my best to Keep a clean workspace. I cut out grass and try to put it back in around posts etc.


I pride myself with coming up with the right answers needed to get the job done properly. This is my main concern. I will always do my best to alleviate the discomfort on your schedule. I promise to protect your property and treat it the same as I would my own. Thank you for your time.


Tubs and the rest of bathrooms or kitchens is protected prior to demo. I like to use Dense shield or concrete board underneath the tile. The majority of the time I use thin set and back butter the tiles for maximum adhesion. All corners are cut tight with minimum gap.

Bathroom Renovations

With bathroom renovations I insist on using dense shield or concrete board for a long lasting job. I can give some suggestions Based on your taste but I will not insist on my design. I take my time with tile and pride myself on Tight corners and a Job well done.

Windows and Doors

I am capable of getting windows and doors sized to existing openings or resizing structure to except bigger or smaller windows or doors. All gaps are filled around windows and doors for no Loss of heat. I pride myself on a clean workspace.


With siding all of my lines are always level or plum. Base is always inspected and repaired prior to installation. I am capable of using any materials for exterior siding. Always a clean workspace that is cleaned at the end of every day.


With flooring I don’t put quarter round on top of baseboard. I always remove what baseboard is needed to install flooring underneath. I undercut all door frames to illuminate transitions. I pride myself on a tight professional job.

Home Theaters

I hide all wiring. I do my best to fish the wire and be minimally invasive. With any holes that are cut they are invisible by the time my job is done. I can build cabinets if needed or have good connections for prefab units.


Blending texture. This is something that I have done A lot for the past 10 years or so. Once again I am a perfectionist when it comes to matching ceiling texture. I really take my time And can blend any type of texture.

Home Restoration

I always take everything back to the source of the problem and repair everything new. Sometimes with restoration you will run into problems with finding the same old products end it tends to grow into A bigger job.

Basement Renovations

I do my best to maximize the space. I like to insist on sound channel and Dense insulation for sound barrier. I think one of the main problems with basement suite renovations is the sound barrier between suits.

Trash Removal

You have it I take it. I will try to recycle all I can but the majority of the time as we all know most ends up in the dump. I do make an honest effort to take what I can to Salvation army or recycle depot’s.

Kitchen Renovations

With kitchen renovations I don’t like to use cheap materials.I can give some suggestions Based on your taste but I will not insist on my design. I take my time with tile and pride myself on a job well done.

Commercial Renovations

I am very willing to work around your schedule at nights and evenings to make sure your workspace it’s peaceful while work is being done. I am very clean and Pride myself on the clean workspace.


My company started out as a painting company. With caulking painting and filling my perfectionism shines through. I cut a small hole To fill the gaps minimally to keep corners tight.

Shed Construction

With sheds I like to put a sturdy base prior to building. A lot of the time this is done by digging down the area and filling it with Rock and or Concrete or paving stones.

Demolition Work

With demolition I target areas and clean them at the end of each day. I like to keep my space clean. Demo In the bin or on the trailer depending the size of job.

Power Washing

I will power wash all exterior work prior to paint. I Prefer not to power wash roofs. I have three different machines for bigger jobs where higher psi is needed.


With fireplaces I can build both A wood hearth or tile around existing. I like to put depth and Keep things minimal and not too busy.

Property Maintenance

I own two wood chipper’s along with all other tools needed for exterior and interior maintenance.

Overview Continued


Good Morning

My name is Sean of Perfect Precision Paint & Restoration. I have a small insured, licensed and WCB covered company that I started in 2003. Since I started my # 1 goal has been customer service. Over the past year I have become a father for the second time. Since then I have decided that I need to grow my company to provide a better future for my wife, son and daughter. I am available when ever needed. I will always be their when needed even if it is short notice. It is important to me that my guys are polite, professional and keep a very clean work space. We mask off the affected area to prevent contamination in living areas. I thank you for your time and look forward to a long-standing working relationship.

Thank you

Sean Horvat

Perfect Precision Paint & Restoration

We deliver the perfection that you deserve


Additional Information

Main contact(s) Sean Horvat , Jenelynn Horvat
Alternate Phone Numbers 604-644-7306,
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2009
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty I Provide a 90 day warranty on all work done. Most painting products that I use carry a 10 year warranty. There are some painting products that carry a lifetime warranty.
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2003
Offers financing Yes
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
Licensing information
Insurance information

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