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Plumber Master is the company licensed by Canadian government and by City of Toronto. We have been for over 12 years in drain, plumbing, waterproofing and heating business. We work for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We did big waterproofing projects for high rise buildings with concrete forms repair and restoration. We speci  read more...

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416-890-8568 |Website 2203-33 Elm Drive West, Mississauga ON L5B 4M2

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Main Services Offered


Complete drain and plumbing work. Emergency drain and plumbing repair. Drain TV camera inspection and pipe locate. Backwater valve installation with alarm system and $1,250 government rebate! Clogged drain cleared. Rough-in for new drain and plumbing. Fixtures installation and repair. Heating work.


Waterproofing of underground garages, commercial and high rise buildings. Horizontal surfaces waterproofing. Basement lowering-underpinning, bench footing. New drain and weeping tile installation. Sump pit and sump pump $1,750 rebate!. Work with rebars and concrete structures restoration.

Other Services Offered

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Plumber Master is the company licensed by Canadian government and by City of Toronto. We have been for over 12 years in drain, plumbing, waterproofing and heating business. We work for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We did big waterproofing projects for high rise buildings with concrete forms repair and restoration.

We specialize in emergency 24 hour services. If we do for you certain kinds of work, you will get spent money back from government as rebates. For example, basement flooding protection subsidy program allows installation in almost every residential house in GTA a flood prevention device called "Backwater valve". You will get $1,250 in rebate if we install this device for you, and this is 80% of the usual installation price! Our experience will help you get rebates the City owes you!

We do all kinds of drain, plumbing, waterproofing work using modern technologies, such as pipe relining, torpedo work, pipe bursting and power flushing. We use underground TV camera to check faulty drains and repair them. We remove residue and building materials from the pipes.

We recommend that before buying a new home or doing renovations you call us for drain TV camera inspection! This has to be done to prevent potential flood in your basement due to hidden problems in underground drain.

Also we specialize in all underground drain repairs and new installations, waterproofing from inside or outside of the basement, all plumbing fixtures installation and repair and rough-in of hot/cold water pipes, drain and vent pipes above ground. We will help you in your every kitchen and bathroom remodeling project.

Dear Customer!

Being long time in business, we are committed to business excellence. With us you get quality work done and spend the least amount of money possible. Yes, this is not the dream, but reality! Here is why it is possible:

- We participate in all existing government rebate programs, among them: basement flooding protection subsidy program, drain grant, water saving toilet and washing machine rebate. Rebates are our specialty. You spend money on necessary repairs and government gives you money back.

- We offer Customer Protection Plan: with it you have 10% discount on any work we do for you.

- We also offer 10% seniors discount!

- We use standardized pricing guide.

- We estimate the work and present the price before the work start.

- We do not charge extra for evenings, weekends, holidays.

- We do not buy overly expensive vehicles and tries to save on advertising. Therefore, we can offer you lower price.

- We do not keep big office staff, focus is made on keeping good workers and buying necessary equipment.

- We are locally owned and operated company, not a franchise.

- We will beat by 10% any quote from any licensed contractor!

- We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial plumbing and waterproofing. We can do everything for you. No job too small or too big.

- We are very good in doing emergency calls, when work must be done fast, day or night, anytime.

- We have well maintained and well stocked trucks.

- Our technicians are skilled, polite and not afraid to work hard.

- Our technicians wear shoe covers and protect work area to preserve your property.

- We remove and dispose old parts and equipment.

- We use only the best, field tested parts, materials, devices.

- We are licensed by Canadian government and by the City of Toronto.

- We are insured.

- We participate in WSIB.

- We give written guarantee for the work done.

- We prioritize calls from customers covered by Customer Protection Plan and warranty calls.

- We allow you always talk to live person, a plumber, not an answering machine. Whenever you call!

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Viktor Chornopyskyy
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2011
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 1999
Offers financing Yes
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
Licensing information Contact Plumber Master to request licensing info.
Insurance information Insurance information available upon request

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