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We are Winnipeg's exclusive dealer of Postech Thermal Piles, the most stable and solid piles ever designed. I brought the only insulated piles, Postech Thermal Piles, to Winnipeg so that residents may finally have a foundation solution which is convenient, mess-free and guaranteed not to heave. We offer fast, cost-effective and s  read more...

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204-793-0653 |Website 49 Perreault St, Ste-Anne MB R5H 1B4

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Main Services Offered


Postech Winnipeg offers a foundation solution for just about any building project. If you have a cottage, RTM or mobile home or trailer, why not build directly on our piles, save a ton of money and be high and dry? You often don't need a costly pony wall or grade beam construction with our piles!

Home Additions

We offer top-quality screw pile foundations for home additions. Our piles install quickly and can be built upon immediately. Contractors love our screw pile foundations because it makes their lives easier while saving them time and money. Customers love them because they won't heave and cost less.


Postech Winnipeg offers the best possible support for decks and patios. Our piles are heavy-duty and can support more weight than the competition. We can offer just screw piles for your deck, but can also provide full-deck services through our trusted partners.

Other Services Offered

Home Construction

Postech Winnipeg offers many sizes of screw piles including an extreme-duty 8.25" pile which installs with a auger-truck producing up to 30,000 PSI. Simply put, we offer cost effective and fast installing heave-proof foundations for new home constructions. We install to any depth your require.


Postech Winnipeg offers and excellent foundation system for solariums and sunrooms. Did you know that several of Postech's 50 dealers across Canada owned sunroom companies prior to joining Postech? They loved the system so much they became dealers! Get Canada's most trusted screw piles.

Foundation Repairs

Do you have a home which is sinking? Postech Winnipeg's helical piles can be installed along a home exterior and anchored to the home's foundation using stabilization brackets; the result is no more sinking! This is very cost effective when compared with other foundation repair methods.

Commercial Renovations

We offer foundation solutions for your metal / pre-fabricated buildings. Postech Winnipeg carries a wide range of adapters for just about any application and we can weld the piles to steel beams. Not only are our screw piles cost effective, they install quickly and you can build right away.

Handyman Services

Postech Winnipeg is the "we make it easy" company when it comes to installation of foundations for mobile homes. If you have a new mobile home, our unique system makes it easier than ever to go from truck to foundation. If you mobile home is sinking, we can put a stop to that too.

Excavation Services

We install our screw piles using a modified mini-excavator. In 2 minutes we can remove the auger on the machine so that we can excavate using the bucket. Our machine can dig up to 9 feet deep and is excellent for trenching and removal of rocks. We can offer excavation services at low prices.

Garage Construction

Postech Winnipeg can effectively support your garage's walls either directly or by supporting a concrete grade beam. We can also secure your cement pad. If you have a carport, there is no better piling product, we can install screw piles into your existing driveway!


Overview Continued


We are Winnipeg's exclusive dealer of Postech Thermal Piles, the most stable and solid piles ever designed. I brought the only insulated piles, Postech Thermal Piles, to Winnipeg so that residents may finally have a foundation solution which is convenient, mess-free and guaranteed not to heave.

We offer fast, cost-effective and solid foundation solutions for just about any residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or recreational building project. We work hard to provide a piling product and professional installation that is guaranteed. We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction, that's why we don't hesitate to provide an industry best lifetime guarantee on our piles against frost related movement and deterioration.

Postech Winnipeg offers a best-in-class foundation solution for a wide range of building projects, including but not limited to: decks, solariums / sun rooms, home additions, cottages, boathouses, ramps, docks, grade beams, garages, sheds, lampposts, signs, poles, clotheslines, warehouses, school portables, ready-to-move homes, modular homes, mobile homes, trailers, new home construction, porches, verandas, stairways, protection barriers, retaining walls, boardwalks, bridges, greenhouses, solar panels, windmills, silos, industrial and commercial HVAC units, and much more.

We have a wide range of industry partners and can offer full-services. If you need a deck, home addition, grade beam, garage, ramp, etc., we can help you from start to finish. We also can provide on-site welding services as well as excavation. If your project requires trenching, we can do that and at a fraction of the cost others might charge.

Main advantages which contribute to the ever-growing success of our screw piling system include: - Quality tested materials and professional installation is supplied - You don't have to do a thing, simply indicate the location. - Approved for construction use by CMCC and CMHC as well as CSA tested. - Fast and accurate installation, genrally without excavation resulting in little to no impact to the land site. - No curing required; construction can begin as soon as the pile are installed. - The concrete forming tubes (sonotubes) normally used, pale in comparison to the numberous advantages and flexibility of our Postech Thermal Piles. - They are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable (we can unscrew and reinstall them). - They are adjustable; once the helical pile is installed, a supporting head is added which fits into the pile's shaft allowing for up to six inches of level setting adjustability. - They may be lengthened by adding a screw pile extension which is fastened by a sleeve coupling and bolted or welded for maximum stability. - Various blade dimensions allow for adjustment to different soil types and load bearing requirements. - May be installed regardless of temperature, climate or time of year with no special equipmentt required. - Hot dip galvanized to ensure maximum protection and lifespan. - Made of top-quality cold-rolled steel; Postech uses so much steel they receive upgraded quality. - Excellent value, often cutting building costs. - May be installed near or in water without causing soil erosion pollution or rusting. - May be installed in soil where a water table is near surface. - They may be installed beneath existing structures.

Postech Winnipeg is proud to provide our screw piling / ground anchor services and products to the Winnipeg, Steinbach, Selkirk, Grand Beach, Gimli, Beausejour, Niverville, Falcon Lake, and other areas throughout eastern Manitoba. We are 1 of 50 dealers nationwide. Postech Metal Foundations has been Canada's leader in the a

Additional Information

Main contact(s) Stan Higgins
Alternate Phone Numbers 855-474-5464,
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2012
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards Yes
Year established 2011
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Incorporated
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