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Roots of Life Redesign
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Roots of Life Redesign

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Company Overview

Roots Of Life Redesign offers a unique range of expertise and artistic talents. We are a group of professionals who are passionate about everything we do and strive to make it the absolute best.

Roots Of Life Redesign takes pride in the art of finding a home's best features and accentuating them. Sometimes it's as easy as utilizing space, light and colour in a home to bring out its true potential. Sometimes it is a little more. We have a staff of qualified professional trades people who love what they do and would be happy to rip your place apart, then put it all together...beautifully.

We offer an extensive list of services... not only for customers who are currently selling their home and need it in tip-top shape for the real estate market, but our Design and Consultation Service can also be used to redesign and decorate your home to suit your present and future needs. It's not just vendors who want their homes to flow and enhance there natural character.

Services: Residential and commercial painting and decorating, design services, feng shui, repairs and maintenance, home staging, general contracting, estate sales and services, real estate enhancements, and general consultations.


Services Offered

Carpentry, General Contracting, Handyman Services, Home Restoration, Home Staging, Interior Design, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Painting, Property Maintenance, Tiling, Trash Removal, Wallpapering

Location and Coverage Area

Address: 557 Canboro Rd, Fenwick ON L0S 1C0 | Service area: 100KM

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: No Legal structure: Sole Proprietor

Commercial work: Yes Accepts credit cards: No Year started: 2002

Offers financing: No Employees: 4

Main Contact(s): Jody Carriere, Cortlin

Licensing Information: Contact Roots of Life Redesign to request licensing info.

Insurance Information: Contact Roots of Life Redesign to request insurance details.

Check local laws pertaining to license requirements and verify license and insurance details provided by the contractor prior to hiring.

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