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We are a dependable company that takes pride in our landscaping work. We provide your property with the care it deserves. From lawn cutting, garden design, to power washing and snow removal we will take care of your property so you don't have to.

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39 Flora Drive, Scarborough ON M1P 1A1

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In Business Since 2008
Member of TrustedPros Since 2015

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Main Services Offered

Lawn Care

There's more to just watering your grass to a get a full green luscious lawn. We ensure that proper fertilization occurs at the right time when your lawn needs it the most, which help keep weeds out. We also provide seeding services to help bring back thinning lawn to a full luxurious standard.

Irrigation Systems

Installing a reliable irrigation system is one of the most important steps to insure your property's landscape is taken care of and not gone neglected. We install systems that are user friendly and customized to fit your property's needs.

Power Washing

Nothing can bring back a dull looking deck or driveway better than a good power washing. Don't give up on your dingy looking decks, let us take care of it by cleaning it up for you so you can feel like we've brought it back!

Other Services Offered


We know how nice it feels to walk up to a well groomed property that has definite curb appeal. We work with you to design a yard that works best for you - from low maintenance plants that look like you've spent hours taking care of them, to high end plants, we work with your budget and lifestyle.

Trash Removal

So much cleaning, and no where to put the junk? Let us arrange for a bin to be dropped on your property where you can just haul all the junk away and we'll take care of taking it away! OR let us clean out your overstuffed garage at a reasonable price!

Additional Information

Main contact(s): Andrew Stonehouse
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2015
Residential work: Yes
Commercial work: Yes
Accepts credit cards: Yes
Year established: 2008
Offers financing: No
24 Hour emergency service: Yes
Legal structure: Incorporated
Licensing information: Services listed by Stonehouse Property Care Inc. may not require a Trade License. Check local laws to confirm license requirements before hiring.
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