The TAHOE Slipfence was specifically designed to give home owners a solid, sturdy, long lasting, non-twisting, non rotting, non- leaning nor shrinking, aluminum framed fence that still provides ample privacy and has the look and feel of a warm, natural, wooden fence. It was designed by a regular home owner just like you wh  read more...

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5700 Timberlea Blvd Unit 2, Mississauga ON L4W 5B9

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The TAHOE Slipfence was specifically designed to give home owners a solid, sturdy, long lasting, non-twisting, non rotting, non- leaning nor shrinking, aluminum framed fence that still provides ample privacy and has the look and feel of a warm, natural, wooden fence.

It was designed by a regular home owner just like you who wanted to "Build a Better Fence", and was engineered by a top USA Engineering firm to provide years of safety and stability. One of the criteria when designing the Tahoe Slipfence was simplicity of installation so you wouldn't need to be a professional fence installer to assemble your Tahoe Slipfence. We do however recommend having the post holes set by a pro, but after that is complete, it is truly quite simple to install.

Nearly all of the Components of the Tahoe Slipfence were not only designed and Engineered here in North America by a Canadian, but also made in North America with the exception of the Post cap that is made in China because of the high cost of cast aluminum but we are working on getting it made here as well.

Aluminum is a natural resource of North America and as such that when shipped in it's raw form, fabricated, painted, and packaged, is of no advantage to manufacture on another continent. Furthermore it keeps the revenue sharing here at home.

The Tahoe Slipfence being constructed from 100% Aluminum is actually recyclable. The aluminum posts, stringers, and brackets if damaged can be removed from the fence and re-melted down to is raw form and potentially re-used as another new Tahoe Slipfence post. In fact some of our Product currently may be manufactured from recycled aluminum.

The Tahoe Slipfence system is not going to be cheaper than an entry level fence such as the most common 4" x 4" pressure treated post, shadowbox style, (board on board), with top lattice, and it is understood that a Fence is typically a grudge purchase where you as a homeowner must often try to get your neighbours involved to share in the cost. So if there is anything that we can do to help please send us an email and we will be happy to help answer any questions you may have about the Tahoe Slipfence.

One more thing... we guarantee the stability and endurance of your Tahoe Slipfence for a period of 20 years, (please read Warranty information on website).

Thank you for taking the time to research the Tahoe Slipfence and we hope you love it.

Remember we are here to help if you need us!

Tom Rosicki

Creator of the Tahoe Slipfence

Other interesting information about Tahoe Slipfence:

Did you know that when the Fence boards of an older Tahoe Slipfence project have weathered, you can easily slip the old boards out and slip new ones in resulting in a brand new looking fence without the need for a professional to remove old fence posts or concrete?

Did you know that if you damage a Tahoe Slipfence post you can simply cut the post at the ground level and insert what we call the Slipfence repair sleeve and then re-attach a new post without having to remove the concrete from the ground and without the need for a professional to repair?

Did you know that you can order the Tahoe Slipfence components directly on this website and we will ship a kit with all of the posts, stringers, brackets, nuts, bolts, screws, caps, and assembly instructions directly to your job site? (Providing there is a minimum of 4 sections purchased), based upon the cost calculator total available on this website which will automatically calculate your bill of materials provided the information is input correctly. Then all you need to purchase are the fence boards and you can do that at any local Home improvement retailer likely within 5 km from your site.

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Main contact(s) Tom Rosicki
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2016
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards Yes
Year established 2009
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Incorporated
Licensing information Business does not require a trade license
Insurance information Contact Tahoe Slipfence to request insurance details.

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