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We have pioneered a system that allows you to change the look of your tile, easily. Don't rip them down, cover them! Tiles are always one of the last items on the renovation menu and for good reason. Changing tile is nasty, hard, labour intensive work that nobody likes doing. Then the selection process of your new tile begins and  read more...

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403-873-7743 |Website 46 Somerglen Cres SW, Calgary AB T2Y 3L5

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Our tile lamination systym is the perfect, cost effictive way to cover backsplash tiles in your kitchen, bathroom or on your fireplace without replacing them. Only you'll know the difference! Custom designed tiles, professionally installed at a fraction of the cost of replacing your existing tiles.

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We have pioneered a system that allows you to change the look of your tile, easily. Don't rip them down, cover them!

Tiles are always one of the last items on the renovation menu and for good reason. Changing tile is nasty, hard, labour intensive work that nobody likes doing. Then the selection process of your new tile begins and there are no guarantees that you will find exactly what you are seeking. With Tile Restyle, YOU design your tile so it will be exactly what you want, every time!

Our tile laminating system is extremely durable; even comes with a guarantee. It's not affected by UV light, heat or chemicals. So realistic, only you'll know the difference! No more having to settle on trendless, neutral tile. With our laminating system, changing tile is so easy you can stay with any trend in tile...without creating a speck of dust.

So why choose to change the appearance of your tiles with Tile Restyle?

The advantages of our tile laminating system are many:

Create Your Tile:

Our system is not a tile off a wall shelf or from a catalog, you design the whole thing! Each and every new project presents a new opportunity for the client to create a tile that is EXACTLY what you want. No more settling on a color or pattern; our designers create a tile that is uniquely yours. Visit the creativity page to learn more.

No Broom Required:

Question - What keeps most of the 'Do it Yourself' crowd from tackling a tile job? Answer -The massive upheaval and mess that invades your life while changing your tile! Our system creates no mess, no chemicals or odor and in most cases we're done within one day. As long as the current tile is in good shape and still soundly attached, our system can be applied. Plus, the only by-product is 100% recyclable! Eco friendly - yes!

Size Doesn't Matter:

Fact: there are thousands and thousands of sizes of tile. The variance could be as small as only 1/32", but that presents no challenge for us. Our installers measure your tiles to ensure an exact fit every time on every tile. We do not mass produce several "designs" that we sell via the internet; each and every project starts with a clean sheet!

Change on the Fly:

Making a design change in the future is just as easy as the first time you restyled your tiles with us. As design trends come and go, you can get more creative than you otherwise might because changing the look of your tile has never been easier or more economical.

There's Still a Tile Under There:

After time should you decide that you actually want to change your tiles, our restyling system has no effect on the tile underneath or the grout beside it. Get out the chisel!

Wax On, Wax Off:

Our restyling system is waterproof, UV protected for those areas the sun hits, extremely durable, very easy to clean and yes, guaranteed!

The Bottom Line:

So here's what everybody wants to know. Cost. Our laminating system WILL be less than replacing your current tiles, it's that simple. Understand however, every project is a one off situation, purely custom. For that reason it is impossible to put a hard dollar figure on any project, but most projects will run roughly one third the cost of removing and replacing your current tile. Huge money savings!

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Main contact(s) Marc St. Louis , Charlotte St. Louis
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2010
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Year established 2005
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