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We offer the HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP, and care for your property, without the high prices of our competitors. Our Director of Operations and Training, Master Painter Mr. Brian Jerome, has over 30 years of experience providing exceptional home painting services, all over Canada. We are professional house painters, and, ALWAYS w read more...

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2768 Sunnybridge Dr, Burnaby BC V5A 3V1

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In Business Since 2009
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Main Services Offered


We can handle any finished carpentry you need from crown molding, baseboards, door frames, window frames and even decks. We offer our full discount on building supplies.


We take care of all aspects of painting. From just walls to full repaints including ceilings, doors and trim. We offer our full 35% discount on paint and supplies.


We can install your siding or just paint your siding. We can also paint stucco. We offer our full discount on building supplies.

Overview Continued

We offer the HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP, and care for your property, without the high prices of our competitors. Our Director of Operations and Training, Master Painter Mr. Brian Jerome, has over 30 years of experience providing exceptional home painting services, all over Canada. We are professional house painters, and, ALWAYS want to make certain you, as our customers, are happy.

REFERENCES: we have MANY references available on request; we have provided painting services to HUNDREDS of properties. Many of them have given us permission to use them as references and would be pleased to speak with you... but remember... we may ask you to be a reference for us too!

WE WILL SHOW UP for all estimate appointments on time. And, if we are going to be late for any reason, we will advise you in advance of the appointment. We will arrive to start your painting job on the day we say we will arrive. We believe it is important to keep our word - our reputation is important to us.

WARRANTY: we offer a ONE YEAR warranty on our labour. Please see our terms of sales, service, and warranty.

NO BOOKING DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED: we don't want to start our relationship with you, our customer, on on the premise that we don't trust that you will pay us... think about that. If we are privileged to win your business, and you book your painting with us, we will not charge you anything to reserve your job / scheduled date

RESPECTFUL: we know that your home is probably your most important asset. We promise we will treat it as such - with the respect it deserves.. We also know that painting your home can be a major expense for most people, and, in some cases, is something you have "saved up" to get done. We are consumers just like you, and will ALWAYS treat you with the same respect with which we would want to treated as customers. And, don't worry - we will treat YOUR grandmother, like she was our own Grandmother.

FAST AND CLEAN: we will always give you our best and most accurate estimate as to how long your job will take. We will do everything we can to meet those time estimates. We will make every effort to keep your house clean, and to protect your home and belongings while painting. We will ALWAYS clean up after ourselves, and, leave your home in a serviceable condition when we leave.

For more information on our standard procedures, please visit our contact page.

NO "OVER-BOOKING:" we do not "over-book" jobs by juggling resources to try and book as many jobs as possible. If we are too busy to take on your job when you want it done, WE WILL TELL YOU. In our opinion contractors who engage in this practice short-change all their customers.

LOW PRICES: we believe in offering you the best deal we can. We will NOT overcharge, or charge a premium if we think you need something done urgently. We quote every job the same way - fairly. We will quote you a fair price, and, we will make a fair profit. In most cases, our quotes / estimates come in well under the prices charged by our worthy competitors. However, please don't ask us to "reduce" our estimates... we assure you... you will be quoted the most competitive price possible, right up front.


No job is too big, or too small. We have the resources and experiences to tackle the largest jobs, but, as far as we are concerned, we WELCOME YOUR SMALL PAINTING JOBS. Start to finish - we do it all.

• Whole-house service

• Area or "by room" service

• Interior Residential Painting

• Stairwells, banisters, and stiles

• Closets

• Trim, cornices, and, crown mouldings

• Intricate work

• Doors

• Minor interior wall surface repairs, including drywall "dents"

• Major i

Additional Information

Main Contact(s): Brian Jerome
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2014
Residential work: Yes
Commercial work: Yes
Accepts credit cards: Yes
Year established: 2009
Offers financing: Yes
24 Hour emergency Service: No
Legal structure: Partnership
Offers Financing: Yes
Licensing Information: Contact Vancouver House Painters to request licensing info.
Insurance Information: Contact Vancouver House Painters to request insurance details.

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