Any demolition service is dangerous and can also be lengthy. There is no good "do-it-yourself" method for demolishing a home or building. A large project such as this one is best left to the professionals. With experienced and skilled contractors, you can be rest assured your demolishing project will be done properly and safely. To find someone who is well experienced in demolition services, you need to know what type of demolition it is.

  • The wrecking ball demolition is the most common type of service available and is most commonly used on homes or small buildings.  A 13,500 lb. ball is dropped or swung into the settlement creating a large amount of vibration and noise.  Because of this reason, the wrecking ball demolition is selectively used.
  • Implosion is the most common demolition for large buildings and is commonly used is urban areas. This process uses denotation to eliminate the structural supports and then automatically collapses from the weight of the remaining building.
  • Another method of demolition is called the High Reach Arm. A machine is used to crush or knock down any existing settlement and can also be used to crush metal. This method is usually used on steel, masonry, and reinforced concrete.
  • Wood buildings are slightly easier but should be left up to professionals. They will bring the right equipment, make sure power and water is completely unhooked, get the correct demolition permits and clean up your site swiftly.

Since demolition of your home or building is such a large project, it is important you hire someone who has experience and good reviews from others who have hired him/her. By using TrustedPros, you will be surprised how quick and easy it can be to find someone who is trustworthy and reliable. Simply post an ad that describes your demolition project professionals will call you to offer you quotes. You can also look through a list of contractors, study their profiles, and choose one that fits in your time frame and budget and who is local.

Just make sure to keep a couple things in mind as you select a demolition professional:

  • Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage is now a requirement for all contractors to have. This insurance protects you and the workers from any injury liability that may occur do to a work related injury while on your property. Make sure this is in place with the contractor and get proof. 
  • It is highly recommended all contractors have liability coverage as well. If you were to hire someone without this coverage you may have to pay for any damage that happens on or around your property; to other buildings, a broken water or gas line or electrical outage due to worker activity are all examples. Tell your contractor you want to see proof of liability coverage just to be safe.
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